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  1. rampart3D.a26 WIP on kernel for possible 3D game. Fwd/Back. Fire to jump.
  2. source code and schematics/pcb now at: https://github.com/rossumur/retrovox enjoy!
  3. Some folks have expressed interest in the source enjoy RunesOfMoria_src.a
  4. Thanks Chris for all the countless delightful hours I spent with Eastern Front, SCRAM, BoP and De Re Atari. My Father was inspired to buy me my first computer - a 400 - when he saw a SCRAM demo in a Sydney department store. That event led directly to a lifelong love of programming and technology. I am eternally grateful.
  5. Adding a few videos of retrovox apps. All video is from the 2600, audio is from the retrovox. Includes a few toy internet apps including chat between two 2600s. I am building a few of these, lmk if you would like to play with one. mars.mov wee_c_compiler_interpreter.mov sam_from_basic.mov teeny_basic.mov midifiles.mov modfiles.mov adventure.mov webchat.mov life.mov doomed.mov
  6. Retrovox can network multiple 2600 via internet or local wifi.
  7. Connection is bi-directional, joystick/keyboard data from devices plugged into the Atari can be seen by the ESP32. ESP32 also transmits data alongside graphics.
  8. Will be making schematics and source available soon. The internet stuff can be plumbed directly to the 2600 for loading urls, multiplayer games etc.
  9. Yup, ZMachine is running on the ESP32 and graphics are transmitted to the 2600 for display. The fonts are rendered into pixels on the ESP32 and transmitted as two 60hz venetian blind frames.
  10. In the demos pictured above the cart just listens to the ESP32 and displays what is asked. You can also just use it like a Atarivox and stream audio/voice commands from the 2600.
  11. Once you have a keyboard and a way of displaying text, little retro languages seemed like the next step. It also allows tinybasic or C source to be stored on the cart: you could write an adventure game in basic etc.
  12. Retrovox is an homage to the Atarivox based on an ESP32. LMK if there is interest and I will figure out how to get some of these made. It can play midi, mod or mp3 files from flash, carts or from the internet. It emulates the Yamaha YMF262/YM3812 FM synthesis music chips, as well as the General Instrument SP0256 speech synthesizer, and has a port of the Software Automatic Mouth (SAM) voice synth. Its supports keyboards, wireless controllers and other peripherals. The hardware can be used stand alone as a Atari800 emulator or a https://rossumblog.com/2020/08/08/espflix-a-free-video-streaming-service-that-runs-on-an-esp32/. The hardware can also yeet graphics through the joystick port to a kernel on the 2600. A 32*192*4 mode supports a 3D engine with texture mapping and room-over room non-orthogonal geometry. A 96*96*1 mode supports wireframes. game of life etc. A few ugly photos of output from Atari2600+CRT+Retrovox: Also includes a text mode that supports proportional fonts, ideal for the great underground empire. There is a TinyBasic and a wee C interpreter/compiler.
  13. should be fixed now at: https://rossumur.github.io/esp_8_bit/atr_image_explorer.htm cheers
  14. Looks like i introduced a bug when synthesizing missing variable names. will look at it over the weekend. Adding direct link to latest version: https://rossumur.github.io/esp_8_bit/atr_image_explorer.htm
  15. Adding direct link to latest version: https://rossumur.github.io/esp_8_bit/atr_image_explorer.htm
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