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  1. A working example of this (embedded atari web fonts) can be found here https://github.com/rossumur/esp_8_bit/blob/master/atr_image_explorer.htm cheers
  2. History, Tools & Documentation now posted at https://rossumblog.com/2020/08/15/s-a-m-2600/,https://github.com/rossumur/SAM2600 cheers
  3. Now with authoring tool and source code. Documentation in progress... https://rossumur.github.io/SAM2600/SAM2600.htm speech.inc SAM2600.a SAM2600.rom
  4. Yep. The unvoiced & fricative noise is a bit overwhelming at the moment, dialing it in with a slightly different method. cheers
  5. First attempt at a S.A.M./MacInTalk speech synthesizer for the 2600. Lmk if this is interesting or useful to anyone and I will spend some time to clean it up and create tooling to make it more usable. cheers sam2600.rom
  6. Improved KMeans, added Octree, Median cut palettes, monochrome bar atr_image_explorer.htm
  7. Latest always at https://github.com/rossumur/esp_8_bit/blob/master/atr_image_explorer.htm atr_image_explorer.htm
  8. Added dragging to disassembly windows. Fixed. Added Image Dithering, coloring and Saving: noir.gr7 t800.gr8 t800.gr7 gabby.gr7 desert.gr8 miler.gr8
  9. Added: SpartaDOS support including directories Disassembly of code embedded in Basic Programs Raw Sectors View ARC Files and extraction XFD Images atr_image_explorer.htm
  10. would love the bad atr to debug, also any screenshot of bad behavior would be welcome. Image stuff is no accident; try gr7,gr8,gr9,g10 etc. Goal is to support HIP,TIP etc with drag and drop of any image. wip. cheers
  11. If you are in the text editor holding down the Option key will popup the keyboard under the mouse. Clicking on a character will insert it at the current insertion point. cheers
  12. Now with file editing including a popup keyboard for ATASCII weirdnesses Atascii in hex dumps & disassembly Thx but am enjoying it so far. Been meaning to write something like this for 40 years; took a pandemic to find the time. cheers https://github.com/rossumur/esp_8_bit/blob/master/atr_image_explorer.htm atr_image_explorer.htm
  13. This version does a full scan of the disk looking for directories and works for the above. It also scans for files with no legitimate directory entries: kind of a poor man's unerase. The Atari Accountant disk had garbage in the directory: sector start position and sized were mangled. an attempt at copy protection perhaps? This new version recovers these files despite the broken directories. many thanks for the help. atr_image_explorer.htm
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