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  1. Thanks for responding. Yes, that's understandable. There's no rush; I still have a great deal of work to do, anyway. I would just like to get in line so that I don't miss the opportunity for the outstanding solution you're providing. I'll send a private message. I'm aware of the contest, but my current work doesn't fit the criteria. I also don't want to rush. Thanks for pointing it out, though! I hope the contest yields results similar to the 30th Anniversary!
  2. Hi! I've been reading insights from all of you for years; thanks for that! I've also been working on a Lynx game for months, so I finally have a reason to comment here. Is there an updated ETA on the production Pi-Hat cart writer? I'm wanting to purchase one as soon as they're in the store, along with a case, ten (or more) boards, and ten (or more) cartridge shells. Thank you so much for all of the solutions developers here have contributed, especially this cart writer!
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