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  1. On average, I get about $15 for each one. They are very cool, but I just don't have the space for them anymore and I've already read them so I figured I should pass them on to someone who would appreciate them more. + Nathan
  2. My last group of Electronic Games issues from 1984 are now up on eBay. You can check out the auctions at: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/coleconation Thanks. + Nathan
  3. Three more issues of Electronic Games from 1983 just posted on to eBay. Will combine shipping on multiple items and will ship worldwide. http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/coleconation + Nathan
  4. Yup. Only two came out. Their website is still up and I think you can still buy single issues there. + Nathan
  5. I've currently got a bunch of video game magazines on eBay, all in one auction lot. Video Game Collector: Issues 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Manci Games: Issues 1, 2 Check it out at: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/coleconation Thanks. + Nathan
  6. I've just added six more issues of Electronic Games from 1983, on to eBay. Will combine shipping on multiple items and will ship worldwide. http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/coleconation + Nathan
  7. I've just put up some issues of Electronic Games on eBay, six issues from 1982. Will combine shipping on multiple items and will ship worldwide. http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/coleconation + Nathan
  8. FYI: I'm currently selling my video game magazines on eBay http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/coleconation. I will ship internationally (despite what the auctions say). I've got some issues of Video Games up now, a whole bunch of Electronic Games coming soon. + Nathan
  9. 35,990 Yeah, it's fun, but I'm just horrible at racing-type games. The weird thing is that while I only got to Stage 6 or 7, the second stage seemed to be the hardest of the bunch... And those seals really know how to piss you off. Makes me want to watch some National Geographic Channel and cheer for the polar bears this time around. + Nathan
  10. Wow, I had no idea all this was part of the game. If it's not apparent by now, I haven't play Tapper much before last week and I probably should have found and read the instructions before playing. I remember seeing that green spot once and while, but I really just thought it was a graphic glitch! I also didn't realize you could run down the bar. I would just wait for the glasses to come to me. Man! I've got to go play this game again, it seems like I missed out on half of it... + Nathan
  11. Tip money? How come I didn't see any of that when I was playing? All I got from customers was empty glasses (lousy bums). I thought it would be better to clear the levels as quickly as possible, but I'm thinking now that that isn't the best strategy for this game... + Nathan
  12. Donkey Kong Jr. 118,200 The third screen just destroys me. The trampoline and moving vines are my greatest enemies... + Nathan
  13. Now that I think about, I hold it almost the same way. I put the knob in the palm of my hand and tilt it to the right so that the left fire button points upwards. I think most people that don't like the controller try to hold the knob with just their thumb and finger (like a regular joystick) and keep controller upright. That way doesn't work well. For me, the CV controller is great for 4-way directional games, good for some 8-way directional games, and near impossible with quickly moving, rapid firing 8-way games (like Sky Jaguar). + Nathan
  14. I've got a number of Atari 2600 cartridges that I'd like to trade for ColecoVision cartridges. Most are commons (2s, with a couple 4s), in good condition (unless noted), and are in working order (except for 1). Also, some come with instruction manuals. Trade Items: California Games - with instructions Crystal Castles - silver label, no atari copyright Freeway - standard label - some actiplaque Jungle Hunt - silver label Kaboom! - standard label - some actiplaque Pole Position - silver label, no atari copyright - with black + white instructions Raiders of the Lost Ark - silver label - silver instructions Star Wars Jedi Arena - with instructions - label coming off - actiplaque - not working Super Challenge Baseball - black label Wanted: I'm looking for a good number of ColecoVision cartridges (I'll send you a list if you're interested) and ideally would like to have 1-for-1 trades, but will also consider multiple carts-for-1 offers. I'm not looking for instructions to come with the cartridges, but I wouldn't turn them down either. It's first come, first serve with trades, so PM if you're interested. Thanks. + Nathan
  15. Donkey Kong: 1,251,400 ...and I used a standard CV controller to get this score. I don't know why, but I do so much better with the stock controller than with a 2600-type one. I know that this is an inferior version to the arcade, but it's one of my favorite CV games and still one that I play on a regular basis. I probably have such a strong connection to it, because the CV was my first video game system and naturally DK was my first game. I think I'll play a little DK Jr. tonight. Quick tip on scoring points: Forget about the hammers and bonus objects. These distractions actually take points away from you. You can score more by just finishing the level as quickly as possible. + Nathan
  16. One day while I was playing, I just started pushing buttons... I know, Sherlock I'm not. So I played it tonight and I now remember what extra things you can do. While playing a game, you can do one of four things by pushing buttons on the keypad: 1) You can pause it by pushing [#] 2) You can instantly advance to the next wave, receiving the bonus points for "completing" it, by pushing [8] 3) You can put the game into slow motion by holding down [1], [2], [3], or [4]. The higher the number, the slower the game gets. 4) You can turn the sound on by pushing [0]... Just kidding. Wanted to make sure if anyone was paying attention. But the first three actions really do work, so check them out. + Nathan
  17. I'm not sure if this has ever been mentioned about CV Joust, but there's a bunch of different game variations that can be accessed with the keypad. I don't remember the numbers that you push, but I know one of them lets you advance levels without having to complete them. The more times you press the number, the more levels you skip. It's a great way to see all the different levels of the game and to see how difficult it is at the end. This feature is most likely there because it was a prototype used by programmers still testing out the game. Pushing other numbers did other things too, but I can't remember exactly what. I want to say that you could become invincible, or get an increase of lives, or play without any enemies on the screen, but all three probably aren't true. I'll try to find some time to play it so I can more accurately document the game variations. If you didn't know about these variations, then be sure to try it out yourself. They're pretty cool. + Nathan
  18. I must be VERY lucky when it comes to ColecoVision consoles, because I've only had good experiences with the two that I own. I've been using the same ColecoVision since my dad bought it for me new back in 1984. I've never needed to do any maintenance or repair to it. I just plug it in, turn it on, and play. I bought my second console off of eBay a few years ago for dirt cheap, because the seller said it was not working. I really bought the auction because it came with the complete box and the dust cover. It turns out that it worked fine, it just needed a new RF modulator from Radio Shack... + Nathan
  19. I know, it's pretty silly. I think they assumed they had another Pacman on their hands. A video game character that would reap them millions through licensing opportunies... + Nathan
  20. Coleco prototypes never surface period. The Coleco/Mattel stuff is all in the hands of the original programmers (whatever still exists at all and didn't end up in the landfill years ago). That's because Coleco and Mattel only had in-house development prototypes, whereas Atari had lab loaners floating around all over the place. Actually, most of Coleco's ColecoVision games (aside from the inital releases), as well as Atari 2600 and INTV games, were programmed by third-party companies located all over the country. Plenty of protos probably escaped getting recalled back to the Coleco mothership, but it just doesn't seem like those involved kept their souvenirs around for that long. Most of the employees at Coleco were involved with game and graphics design. They came from non-video game backgrounds and when they left Coleco many went to non-video game related jobs. This probably explains why so many threw them out over the years, they just didn't share a strong enough connection with the games themselves. This is all based on the interviews I've had with ex-Coleco employees. While I've only talked to a handful, the information is consistent between them all. + Nathan
  21. Thanks for all the help. RetroZone does have the kit, but I really don't have the skills to upgrade a CV controller or create an adapter from scratch. Anyone out there have the ability to make a RetroKit into an adapter and want to make a few extra bucks? + Nathan From the sounds of it, with the right parts, you could probably make an adapter as well.
  22. Can you use the Stelladaptor to play ColecoVision games on an emulator with a ColecoVision controller? Now, I realize you would only be able to play games that required one fire button and no keypad input, but would the ColecoVision controller work? How about the Atari 7800 joypad? Would that work (with only one fire button games)? I really want to find a way to play CV emulated games on my computer with a real CV controller and I unfortunately missed the boat on getting the USB adapter that RetroBox used to offer. It seems that the Stelladaptor might be my only option... ~ Nathan
  23. No button for the ColecoVision? Where's the love? + Nathan
  24. Having all that ColecoVision goodness online would be a great idea. I'd be happy to post higher-res scans of all the issues on ColecoNation. Having the original ColecoVision side-by-side it's contemporary version would be pretty cool. While I only have the first issue, CV Experience was definitely a big influence on the creation of my website. + Nathan
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