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  1. HURRAY! IT WORKS! I mean, it didn't work, but like, I poked it! "Fatal assembly error: source is not resolvable." I'm sure it's easy from here onward. Thanks a lot!
  2. No, I couldn't, because to be fair I don't even know where to start, I have no idea how to poke the assembler with the terminal. I did pull it off on windows some time ago, but I now that I think about it, I'm not sure what I did back then either. dasm kernel.asm -lkernel.txt -f3 -v5 -okernel.bin This command, found in the assembly tutorials by Mr. random terrain, surely doesn't do anything when I casually type it in the terminal, even when I'm in the same folder as the assembler. "dasm is not a command". I think it worked when I was using the CMD on windows, but I'm not even sure it is what I tried, it was some time ago. So basically, I have no Idea what I'm doing. Can you start me from scratch or point me to a tutorial? Google didn't help me much.
  3. The commands I used on Windows don't work and I'm afraid I'm too stupid inexperienced to read the manual 😥
  4. Petition to stick a "Geforce inside" sticker on all Harmony Cartridges sold after Nvidia buys ARM. 🦆

  5. This is really informative! Thanks a lot! But before I continue studying, can you please tell me what the DPC+'s/CDF's/CDFG's limitations are in regards to audio? How many channels can I have? What waves? Why does the audio in mappy sound kinda wonky and out of pace sometimes? Can I make it sound even better if I have no game code running alongside it? (maybe I can even play samples?) And if that isn't possible, is there theoretically the possibility of someone writing a driver solely focused on audio that can produce even better results?
  6. I'm working on some homebrew for the 2600 (will probably never finish any tho) and I was interested in the arm chip that comes in some recent homebrew carts. More specifically, its ability to produce better music - I'm not interested in game logic, I just want to give my thing a cool little soundtrack. Is there any documentation on how to do that? Maybe a tracker? I know it's possible because champ games's Mappy has great music and it surely comes from the arm chip. Do I need to code the instructions for every single note in C? And after I've "written the track", can I just write a command in ASM that streams it to the chip's cache and makes it play or is it more complicated than that? (does the chip even have a cache?) Like, I'm pretty lost. This is kinda a lot of questions, but I think I made it pretty clear what I want to know.
  7. So as long as I don't perform any operations that go beyond FF, I don't have to set the carry flag back? Also, what happens to the carry flag if I perform more than one of those? Finally, why are the commands different for ADC and SBC if the flag is the same?
  8. What I know so far - The SBC is, to make things simple, the opposite to ADC, it removes from the accumulator either a specified value or a value at some point in memory. Now, not only do I not know if that is correct, I also can't seem to use SBC propperly, for if I write SBC#$01, and the accumulator is currently $89, it becomes $87, and not $88. What's going on? Thanks! (sorry for bad english)
  9. Currently reading some of your tutorials. Really good stuff

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Thanks, but all of the tutorials on my web site are adapted versions of work done by other people:



  10. Didn't uncle ben teach you anything? With great power comes great responsability. You're basically an ASM wizard at this point, just get around that fancy arm processor already and let me kill 6 sausages at once. >:-B (also this is a joke by the way)
  11. After getting completely addicted and playing more than I should, I'm back to report some stuff. Bugs(?) I found: Sometimes the flicker got so heavy the chef disappeared for a good three quarters of a second Sometimes I was able to send the burgers down with monsters on top by touching the monsters instead of trapping them Things I like The graphics and music The speed of the game (my god is it better than the mattel port) (wait was it mattel or coleco IDK) The fun factor (which is higher than River Raid tbh) Things I don't like Too easy The pepper on a timer This is like, incredible stuff man. Please finish! (can't guarantee I'll get the cart but I will ask santa for one that's for sure) Like for real thanks for this. Just a few tweaks and this will be one of my top 10 atari games. Also, a question: does this use the enhancing chip that the champ games uses? Because mappy has like a quadrillion characters on the screen and this is limited to 4 monsters I think.
  12. I wish you'd just finish up the gameplay and work on the title screen later so that I can enjoy the game right now! I mean, it's atari, who needs title screens lol
  13. Yeah, I have a similar issue here. I guess my console's RF signal is weak or something, so it only displays color on some tvs in certain instances. Good thing I have a VCR with me that allows me to use it on any tv through composite!
  14. Well thanks! I'll get one then. If it doesn't work, guess I can always go for a refund, would that be right? Also, it makes sense that the cartridge works on clones. The 2600 is very simple as far as I know, I guess manufacturers would just buy the 6507 and make a board for it, so it was pretty much an exact clone most of the times. would that be correct?
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