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  1. is this the final version and which is the final rom of these bins
  2. is this for sale? please let me know when it's available. thanks
  3. which of the four roms is the most current and best finished one?
  4. Is anyone doing a physical cartridge release? Please lmk thanks
  5. I'm also subscribed to Arcade USA and saw the video, I'm interested in a physical cartridge release, so please lmk?
  6. Is the Debris Revisited still for sale?
  7. Is Debris Revisited still available?
  8. What's the value on these two Advanced Copy ones?
  9. ok thanks for the information i will look into it
  10. do i need to update the firmware on my harmony cart? or do you think the sticker reads ENCORE, but it actually isn't?
  11. the harmony logo just keeps spinning round and round
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