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  1. Alrighty. Thanks!
  2. Sometimes. Like for instance, the traces are hand-drawn on the PCB inside the original Odyssey which is something you wouldn’t see much from something manufactured beyond the late ‘70s. I guess with this card (being so simplistic) there’s not really a way to tell other than that Apex-Magnavox manual having a copyright date of 1972. I was able to get in contact with David Winter of pong-story.com once more. This is what he said: ”It's pretty rare, and what you see is a typical manufacture issue where a different batch of raw circuit boards were used to manufacture the cards.”
  3. A long shot but does anyone here have a spare Odyssey Box with the two styrofoam inserts they’d be interested in parting with? I’ve always had the case, but would like to have the original box as well. I know there’s one currently on eBay, but it’s in horrible shape.
  4. A long shot, but is this still for sale?
  5. So I’ve had this for a few years and have been wondering if any of you may have some additional information on its value. From what I understand, the “blue card” is considered the most obscure accessory for the original Magnavox Odyssey. According to Pong-Story.com, the few known to exist were included with Odyssey units sold in the Miami Area in 1975 (and this description matches perfectly with the set that obtained this card from). There are two versions of this card: one with two large holes in the center (presumably to help with gripping it) and one without these holes. Mine happens to be the version without these holes, but what’s also odd is that my card doesn’t even appear to be etched from the same material as those pictured online; it’s more of a transparent turquoise rather than it is a solid-blue (I’ve attached some pictures below). From the few that are known to exist, this one appears to be “one of a kind” (for lack of better words). What’s also odd is that it came with an Apex-Magnavox version of the original Odyssey manual. It seems to be a photocopied and stapled-together version of the original Odyssey manual, but in Spanish. I’ve never seen even a picture of another one of these manuals online. So to any of you “Odyssey specialists” out there, what would you think this stuff is worth? Collecting for the original Odyssey seems to be a rather niche thing which I’m sure makes it very limited in its appeal. Do I have something of value here, or is it something only the serious collector would pay about $100 for?
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