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  1. had the same problem and drilled a small hole in the plunger remnant. then, twisted a screw into the hole and pulled out the piece.
  2. that is a cool looking piece of gear!
  3. i vote for the True Blue Mini as well. saves a lot of hassle. one of my favorites is Commando. when i was a kid, i'd play NTSC but these days i'd run it in PAL.
  4. seems like this took place on a video conference. is the video available?
  5. i suggest purchasing an SD2IEC so you can copy a number of downloaded games to an SD card. or better yet, for a bit more money get an Ultimate-II+ which replicates a number of fast loaders and peripherals and allows your C64 to connect via Ethernet to the Internet. great for calling old-school BBS. if LOAD"*",8,1 is all you know, try LOAD"$",8 followed by LIST which shows the directory of the disk. have fun! the C64 is an amazing computer.
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-1-Original-1976-Computer-System-1st-Steve-Wozniak-designed-computer-and/174195921349 Buy It Now for just $1.5MM + $1 shipping - what a deal!
  7. found out about this too late! definitely would have bought one.
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