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  1. This is so cool. I could not find the link to order the boards from on the website, are they ready for ordering yet? Thanks for all the great work!
  2. Yes! I have mine preordered and will be buying another one I am sure down the road so this is great to hear! Yes the box, instructions and the details matter and are worth every penny. Opcode(Ed) makes an excellent product and I for one am appreciative of his work and have no problem whatsoever with the price. In 1983 I paid 200.00 for a Colecovision which is equal to 515.00 in today's money and I was only a kid(mowed lawns all summer), so for a grown man to pay 90 dollars for a very detailed well crafted product, come on this is nothing. I want to thank you Ed for all you have already done and plan to do for the community and my support is for Opcode SGM period. Peace.
  3. I edited my quote because I do not want to be involved in drama, my bad. I support Opcode, Ruggers and Collectorvision and have given all of them my money to show where my support is. Peace!
  4. I agree 100% this is like getting a new board. It is done professionally and the quality and workmanship is BETTER than the original(I have one he has worked on). The price is also better than the original.
  5. It is worth a look and you won't be sorry if you do use them. It will add 30 years to the life of your Colecovision and the a/v mod will make that Colecovison game look even sweeter. Give them a look you won't be sorry.
  6. Console5.com, I believe he is out of stock right now but Rugger's Customs is going to be restocking him very soon I believe. They are 9.95 I think and a great way to protect agaisnt static electricty ruining your controller chip. If your chip is bad you need to replace it before you put the esd joystick boards on. Rugger's is offering a great deal this month on a console revamp and they are without question the BEST in the business, it is a great price they are offering through June to have your colecovision completly redone with out any cutting of your console. I would highly reccommend them especially since you have a broken chip already. It is almost a give away at the price they have right now. 😀
  7. Rugger's esd boards are a great investment less then 5 bucks each(have them in one console about to install in 2 more) and easy easy to install(way easier then removing and installing new 74541 chips) if you had them you would not have this problem which is not to hard to fix just a bunch of pain in the ass desoldering and soldering. Peace!
  8. I am definetly down for at least 2! Thank you!
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