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    Rediscovering all my old hardware and software for the Atari 800 and Atari 520ST
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About Me

My first experience with a computer was about 1975 on a Teletype terminal at my Junior High school. We were learning BASIC programing. I remember playing Star Trek on our free time.

In 1977 I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas. That started my Atari collection.

1982 I bought an Atari 800, 410 recorder and games on tape... Load error again!?. Bought an 810 disk drive and many game programs. I spent some time learning Atari BASIC and making my own games. Tried my hand at Assembly Language, but did not get very far. To much time spent playing games?

In 1985 I bought an Atari 520ST, ST314 disk drive, ST monitor and another game collection. I did use some productivity software such as ST CAD. 

Other hobbies started to take over my time. Cars, Go Karts, welding and fabricating metal parts. You know... gearhead stuff.

It was not until Windows 95 came out that I bought an IBM PC. The Atari collection then went into storage.

So now over 40 years later I still have my Atari 800, 810, 410, 520ST w/ monitor, disk drive and a large collection of software on cartridge, tape and disk. So that brings me here to AtariAge, to revive, relive and archive my Atari collection.



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