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  1. Woah, I had no idea this was a thing, thank you for linking that retroillucid! So wait, the Coleco is similar to the MSX inside under those circumstances? That explains why BlueMSX can also run Coleco games. Making cross compiled code between the two should be easy then no? Thank you NIAD, that explanation pretty much clears it all up for me.
  2. This info will influence my choice when i buy one of the two machines thank you guys! I'm leaning more towards Adam at the moment. xD
  3. That's interesting, thanks for telling me. Can the SGM be used in the Adam too, or would there be conflicts if someone tried it?
  4. I apologize if i'm not writing this in the correct area. I am just wondering, if I buy a Coleco ADAM, is that equivalent to having a ColecoVision + SGM, or is that a whole different beast? I'm looking to make home brew games in my spare time, but I want to test the carts on the real machine when the time comes. Also from a developers point of view, which would be the better machine to have? I also apologize if this is a silly question. xD
  5. Subscribed, this SGM2 got my attention real fast when i saw it in on YouTube! Awesome stuff being done here. 👌
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