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  1. That sounds interesting, what's wrong with supplying pin 1 of the expansion port directly from the power supply? Then I could simply switch to pin 1 on the nanoPEB side. I wonder why pin 1 can't do that by nature. What hangs between the power supply and the port that prevents this.
  2. And what is the cause, is the power supply insufficient, or something between power supply and port insufficient. In other words, would replacing the original power supply with a more powerful one solve the problem?
  3. Hello I have a question about the nanoPEB. The expansion port supplies +5V on pin 1, is it not possible to supply the nanoPEB with power through the port. I don't like the concept with the extra power supply, less cables are always better. Many greetings Uli
  4. +1 (Pokey&YM) in burgundy
  5. Hello Simius, I would like to order 2 Sophias: One for XEGS and one for 800xl Many Thanks in advance
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