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  1. The black cows and skull are considered obstacles, unlike the moving cows. And they alternate. skull/black cow/skull/black cow/... So let's say you have four rows of moving brown cows, then the fifth row has a skull. Assuming you keep all brown cows in the same rows, you know that the fifth row will have a few sets of moving cows next, followed by a black cow. Then repeat. All this makes it sound like it should be easy to go for a really high score, but I guess I'm just not that good at putting it into practice. Also, after the game 'repeats' itself seven times, on the eighth wave there's a bug that makes the game practically unplayable...so ~35,000 +/- 1000 is the highest score you'll ever get as long as you keep track of the score rolling over. (special bonus, not strategy related. here's a 2005 interview with Bob Whitehead, the game programmer http://www.digitpress.com/library/interviews/interview_bob_whitehead.html)
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first post to the forum. Anyway, game 1 B/B: 1114 and Game 8 B/B: 456
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