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  1. Hello I know it’s many years later but do you still have that apf mp1000 I would be interested in purchasing thanks
  2. Thank you for the response I just hope it didn’t fry the console I didn’t smell any burning or hear a pop just a quick blue spark from inside I think I’m gonna look into the step down converter.
  3. Hello I just picked up a ntsj a Japanese pioneer laseractive I plugged it in and it gave the the system a big spark looked like it came from the inside. I was wondering is it ok to run this on a US outlet as the seller said he did perfectly fine? Or does anyone know of any good power converters to down the volta from 120v to 110v as I’m told US power is 120 and Japan uses 110v any help would be appreciated
  4. Anyway you still have this available I know it’s so many years later but you never know would like to purchase thanks
  5. Still looking for a nuon controller and games if anyone has any thanks
  6. Also if you wanna sell it complete with the console and not by itself I can also do that if you prefer
  7. Hello I’m looking for a Samsung nuon controller. There are many variants I’m interested in anyone you got. Also if you have any games let me know what they are would also be interested in them thanks.
  8. Hello everyone, I have been looking for some jaguar cd games to complete my collection let me know if anyone has any of these titles for sale and what is included with the game thanks. highlander world tour racing primal rage dragons lair iron soldier 2 THANKS
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