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  1. i disagreee. it's gotten to the point where they had to do what they had to do with tommy's thread because of the concern trolls. pat and ian want the amico to fail as hard as they wanted the coleco chamelion to fail and i dont know why. if you dont like something, DONT TALK ABOUT IT. dont send hate to the developer.
  2. i think the reason why the community is sceptical of negativity is because since launch it's gotten alot of it by the pat and ian stans. unfairly i might add, just because they dont like tommy. i totally understand why , because everything i've seen from amico, it looks like a good console and i've always been a supporter. if folks have VALID critism of it i think that's fine, but there's a line between that and concern trolling.
  3. i believe there were forms people had to sign saying no video so that's why we didnt see any
  4. if that is the case then i apologize, i remember seeing what i said as being the case.
  5. tomm,y, i have no doubt people have been targeted for their praise of the amico. as to smashJT, he was attacked because he was not honest with his audience re: investing in the product. it got discovered, and he got called out. but bullying people just because they support the amico is NOT a good look, and i dont even condone harassment of smashJT, i just think when as a person covering the console, if you invested you gotta disclose that stuff
  6. you could also see any pat & ian video bashing amico without actually having played the damn thing
  7. my thoughts on "physical media" if you can buy it in a store and it's a physical object, congrats, you bought psychical media. is an amibo physical media?
  8. i know goldenboy put it over pretty good. i know alot of it was what wee've seen before, but remember, most folks HAVENT seen it before. i think it was really damn good
  9. yeah i think toobin is just looking to complain/hate on the amico at this point
  10. sam's is less crowded and therefore better, at least here
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