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  1. I ordered a cartridge and have played some of it. Wonderful game in my opinion. Glad I gave it a shot
  2. Agreed. I had to own Kasumi Ninja based on the cheese factor alone. It is a shame the games controls are so broken though. It's not a bad looking game for it's time. It exceeds Mortal Kombat in the graphics department
  3. Alaric makes me want to throw my controller but I never do since Jag controllers never come cheap
  4. In your opinion? I feel like had Alien vs Predator and Tempest 2000 been two titles available at the time of launch along with having the promised third party support that Atari could have at least been able to put up a better fight
  5. Personally I think the games from wave1 look pretty fun. I can't wait to get ahold of fast food 64 or Jag Zombies. My wife is suggesting to buy Ants simply because it appears amusing as hell. I'm starting to think wave1 gets a bad rap on here simply because it's the "in crowd" thing to do within the Jag community. Lucky for me though I've never followed the crowd and am more than content with being one of the outcasts.
  6. Pretty good game so far, I got to admit Im struggling just beating the first four levels. I get 3 beaten and then I end up with game over before beating the fourth. I will definitely take that advice
  7. Iron soldier actually came in the mail today. Can't wait to get into it tonight once the one year old goes to bed.
  8. Not even going to argue back at anyone. I do that enough with politics which I refuse to get into here. Strictly nerding out here for me. Let the good times roll.
  9. Have you played defender of the crown? It looks like a really cool port
  10. Damn. I made this thread to just express my love and fascination for a great and quirky console and it turns itself into a shitshow. Clearly not as bad as a political forum but damn. I came here to just nerd out and be laid back
  11. Thinking of ordering this title soon to add to my growing collection of Jag titles along with some of the homebrew titles out there. From what I understand Dino Dudes is a puzzle game and seems like a pretty laid back title for a night in. Anyone here enjoy this game?
  12. Got four different Jag titles I've ordered from various sources online. Tempest 2000, Wolfenstein 3d, Cannon Fodder and Iron Soldier. Super pumped for them to finally arrive. Sadly they will all probably be late due to so many issues going on with the mail in general. Really curious about cannon fodder as I have literally never played any version of it before.
  13. I was quite happy with the choppy massacre I got to go on. If it's not your cup of tea that is fine but I was quite satisfied by the end of it all
  14. I've been spoiled by modern gaming. Candy ass indeed
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