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  1. Truly amazing! cant wait for better pics. I'm certain that black label homevisions are 'true' homevisions. they even pop up in the white clam shell boxes. I would say that if a white case copy ever showed up it would be more 'desirable' than this copy, but this is still the real deal and pretty much the last holy grail known release to be found. congrats stab!!
  2. Yep, a condor attack in that condition should go for big money, as wll as the black box halloween. I mean SERIOUS money
  3. R8 for a PAL format game doesnt get you any coin. If you look on ebay germany, you'll find one or two at least with bins of $15-$25 and they never sell
  4. Prepare to pay big $$$$ for that one. The last one sold for over $2k :-)
  5. We dont know how rare it is. I bet most people that buy it buy it loose, and therefore cant really play it. They would test it, see that it works and put it aside, not noticing what lettering is used. If we took a poll of all owners, it may shed some light on how rare it actually is, especially riffraff's copies, if he still has many of them....
  6. Both it and Jogger exist in PAL. My word should be good enough for you. Of course dumps will be made eventually, but I'm not exactly geared up for it ATM...
  7. I wouldnt be suprised if it is different. The company went to the trouble of releasing a PAL version, so two different NTSC versions are not out of the question. Maybe Riffraff can test the remaining copies he has to see if he has any with roman numerals....
  8. Here are some that I have. Not sure if i have any others, but any more witll be a loooong time coming. All have the ktel style front label. The 176 is Super Challenge Baseball. The others you'll have to decypher. I dont have a 2600 set up ATM.
  9. But plenty of originals (a few in NTSC format too)
  10. Probably Mazy Match a fair few years ago on a 256-1 console.
  11. The original Spider Kong game is inca Gold (aka Spide Maze), not Spacemaster
  12. I bought from Dave and paid via MO without a problem. My guess is he hasnt sold the river patrol because he hasnt had a decent offer. I personally woldnt accept less than $200 for it. Maybe he doesnt bother responding to PMs that are not in the ballpark of his expectations, which is totally up to him. If someone offers him $50 for an item he expects to get $200, there's hardly any point haggling with them. Having said that, I agree a seller should respond to all PMs, no matter how poor the offer is.
  13. Who is this Marco fellow? Anyone ever done a deal with him? I'd like to know before I spend my hard earned $$$
  14. That T handle cart has also been found in a Ktel style box (like the label) with an orange Time Warp sticker across it. I had a picture of the box before my hard drive crashed a few years ago. The blue box version has been known for many years now. Franck from Atarimania had one in his collection for many years and sold it about 5 years ago on ebay. An austrian collector won it from memory.... BTW that blue box is by FAR the coolest Atari 2600 box out there!!!
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