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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if any fix has been found here? I too have a heavy sixer which I done an EV mod on and similar issues - removed the 75ohm resistor seems to improved the situation enough for it to become playable, but still not nearly as good as one would want. Second try is gonna try to replace the other resistors as per advice in another thread, but wondering if anyone got any other suggestions? Also, is there a readily available recap kit for the heavy sixer anywhere?
  2. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone got any idea about them Sega MegaCD ASIAN PAL systems. There appears to be very little information about them online, all I found was some pictures of a box on Sega Retro https://segaretro.org/File:MCD2_PAL_AS_Box_Front.jpg and recently and auction with quite the price stuck on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/274748036207 (and yes, don't rub your eyes, it is really priced like that) And that's about it. The info is - they exists. Reason I am asking is as I seem to have one of those systems. It is MK-4102-07 model, which is matching both what's on the box and in that auction. It works perfectly fine with a PAL system, but only plays asian/Japan region games (with PAL video output). It refuses to play USA or EU region games only seeing the CD's as sudio tracks (will work if you run a region-free BIOS via everdrive). Just trying to find out as much information about this as I possibly can - who, when, why, what was the point. And possibly how did they make their way into UK as this is where I got mine. Here's my observations so far, for anyone else looking out for these things in the future, when comparing to a standard Mega CD2 - the body is two tone. Bottom half is lighter blue-ish tone rather than black. Stickers also are placed differently (notably it's missing the "Class 1 Laser Product" yellow sticker. The metal support for MD2 from a PAL megaCD does not fit here as the ASIAN PAL does not have the holes underneath the slot where it would normally go. Does not prevent one form plugging any megadrive and using it without it. When plugged into a NTSC system it will display a message stating "ERROR! THIS IS A PAL-COMPATIBLE MEGA-CD FOR EXCLUSIVE USE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA."
  3. It's been a while, but hey ho, while the situation around the world relaxed, I've took the car and traveled a wee distance (1200 miles one way) to visit my parents. The mission was not only to finally see them in person after years apart, but also to collect whatever remained of my collection back there. And lo and behold, I found the actual box for this Atari clone seems it says 208 games on it.
  4. A wee update, sorry it's taking so long I seem to be struggling to get an exact count of how many games are built in on the clone... the listing certainly doesn't match the 32-in-1 cartridge and there's way more than 32 games - in fact it's way over 100. Had a google around and I suspect it might be the 224-in-1, which would make sense with the amount of games the system appears to be going through. The games do not have names displayed which makes it even harder as unless you know your Atari catalogue and can name a game just by looking at - I can't so won't be able to list them all without spending much time researching quite a few of them.
  5. hey @TOLiSI did not expect you to notice my response so quickly :) Glad my post and pictures helped. Just wanted to clarify, this board is absolutely unlike a 2600 / VCS board. It does emulate one and does it surprisingly well. The joysticks were an extremely poor imitation of Atari originals. Maybe a bit similar to late production 2600 models but at the same time very different in many aspects. I do have an Atari VCS (the woody one) as well and there are some significant differences noticeable right off the bat. First of the joysticks - the VCS ones work to this day. The clone ones failed long long years ago. I am using python 1 joysticks with it now, which I had since the 90's and they do a good enough job. Secondly, the quality of plastic - not noticeable on it's own, but take the two together and the difference is obvious. Thirdly, weight. VCS is noticeably heavier - I've actually put them on a scale and the clone weights 955grams, while the genuine VCS in my case weights in at 1560grams. lastly, games. For the VCS, I have a few genuine games. The clone... has a lot built in. All the hitters are there. It's a bit painful to switch through the games using the game search switch. It just occured to me, I have never tried putting any of the cartridge games in its slot...just because there never was a need for it. Feel free to contact me should you need any more details about this board or any components on it :)
  6. Hey, Here we are, 7 years on and I seem to have the exact board you had there. It's a 'VIDEO GAME SYSTEM' Atari 2600 clone. Mine I had sine early 90's and is still working. It has plenty of built in games, a whole load of them and all the hits seem to be there, and surprisingly no copyrights or trademarks appear to have been removed. Here's some pictures for archiving purposes and future generations.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a genuine Atari C25953-20 EMMU So I can upgrade my 65XE to 130XE (128kb RAM) Preferably UK based seller.
  8. thanks! exactly what I was after! This confirms my initial findings and actually makes sense... The 65xe goes up to 128kb only, that was always the plan. It's the 800xe that's getting 320kb so no issues here. Thank you again, I think I am all sorted now!
  9. all right everyone, I think I have everything in hand now. Thank you all for all your posts, it's been a pleasure reading and learning. One of my ataris - the 800XE will have the 320kb expansion as it will then do everything I require of it to do. It's got he 16 banks, 8 are filled and 8 empty so there's plenty of documentation and I have now been offered GAL chips to sort it out so that's easy. The other atari, which is a 65XE, has the 130XE board with only 4 slots, 2 filled and 2 chips are missing. I will have the GAL chip to serve as the memory management, but my question is, what 2 DRAM module do I need to get that will fit? it looks like I don't even need to but the capacitors or anything else as everything's in place. All the documentation and tutorials seem to be for the 8 bank version but can't find a straight answer on what DRAM chips to get if I only have the 2 slots. Initially I though I know exactly what I need but the more I read the internet the more confused I got. DSC_0242.JPG.366b155e0571453108b91c03728c97d9.jfif
  10. Hi Mathy, Thank you for the response. Thank all others for suggestions, the syscheck one is an interesting alternative (though still would prefer something with a case ) As mentioned previously, I did have a 130XE with a faulty graphics chip, I now regret selling it as should've just swapped the chip with one of my other ataris! I had 5 ataris back then (amongst a ton of other computers), now I'm down to two as over the last two years I have pretty much decimated my collection. Both my 65XE and 800XE have 8 chips RAM, and both have the space for extra chips and this indeed the way I'll do one of the Ataris (probably the 800XE). Problem is, original Atari MMU is near impossible to obtain nowadays and the GAL chip needs programmed which unforunately I no longer have the hardware to do that. Not sure if there's any place in UK or EU that ships pre-programmed GAL chips? I'm not shy to do a bit of soldering though looking at other options as well. Even if I order the syscheck for one atari I'll probably still have a go with soldering on the other. So the big question - is there anyplace I can get the GAL chip programmed up front?
  11. Hi all, Selling my Super LDW 2000 disk drive. It's in very poor visual condition as has been dropped during shipping by the courier - the metal casing is bent at the rear, also it's scratched all over. I had this drive for the past 20 years if not more. I had it shipped from Poland to UK (Scotland) together with some other stuff, that's when the damage occured. Originally planned on getting this back to full working condition, but during the quarantine I decided to reduce my collection for all the things I am not using. It's just the drive - no cables or power adapter. It was working years ago, I do not know if it's still working - All the insides look OK and the drive was working last time I was using it... which, admitedly, was about 10 years ago. I am not sure what happened to the original power supply, however last time I was using this with a home-made one. Because of the condition the drive is in, selling as is, parts or repairs. Open to offers, swaps also considered - particularly for 65XE/800XE RAM expansions this is the ebay listing for it, unfortunately it was won by a 0 feedback account created on the day, which means I'm not getting paid for it. Before I relist this on ebay, maybe someone wants it here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-65-800-130-XE-XL-Disk-Drive-LDW-SUPER-2000-not-1050/174277412503 Can relist on ebay if asked (still need to wait 4-5 more days from now before ebay lets me relist). the LDW2000 is the European equivalent of the LDW CA2001 LDW CA2002 and basically an Indus GT clone - from what I read what works with Indus GT works with this. < THIS IS NOW SOLD >
  12. Hi All, I'm new to this forum (but not new to Atari) and it would appear I am late to the party. Had a number of Atari's over the past 30 years, and recently decided to downsize my collection and focus on getting most use of what I have. So I am currently left with a 65XE and a 800XE, have the SIO2SD drive/tape emulator, and also some other peripherals (1050, 1010, XC12 etc). I also had a 130XE but sold it as it had a faulty video chip (display was b&w only). So looking for RAM extension, and was pretty much set at buying everything in order to solder the chips on the mainboard and expand to 320kb. Then i took one last plunge into the internets and here I am - an old thread with RAM cards ready made that are not that much more expensive than doing it myself. So my question is as follows - how do I get my hands on one? I understand the OP is no longer responding. Is anyone selling theirs? Is anyone making anything that would fit a 65xe/800xe (both of mine have ECI ports)? Or failing this, does anyone sell ready kits for onboard upgrades? If not, is there any place I could get all the chips, capacitors, resistors etc. instead of buying everything separately off ebay? Apologies for so many questions from the start, hoping someone is still out there willing to answer.
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