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  1. I was looking to see if anyone had any information on some games a came across while cleaning out the attic to an old property. Found a box of mostly C64 stuff but I assume also Intellivision just from the looks of a few of the carts included. My gaming experience and knowledge doesn't go back that far so I'm reaching out to find out an possible info on these two different looking carts that are marked prototype and if there is any importance to them. Beamrider(TM) MZ-005 Prototype Confidential (c) 6-24-83 Activision (r), Inc. THE DREADNAUGHT FACTOR (tm) MZ-004 (c) 1983 Activision, Inc This one does not say "prototype" and only has a basic label on it. Figure it's original as it includes the trademark and copyright marks that I wouldn't figure would be on a knockoff or bootleg. I've attached images below and a link in case they don't pop up. Thanks for any help you can provide. https://postimg.cc/gallery/9yVXZMk
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