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  1. Ooo really... OK this is really good info. I am struggling with doing this though... I might just "put up with it..."..
  2. Yes I have been using it with a genuine 1050 Happy, using it with ape, the sector copier will read the real drive and then freeze when writing to the virtual image. I was under the impression that APE simulated Happy drives, when nothing else is connected but APE and you boot the HWSS, the software says they are happy drives and does load the software at high speed. I was not using a 1200XL during these tests so I don't think the current limiting resistor issue was a factor in this case.
  3. Hey guys, I am old to Atari by new to APE SIO2PC. Recently bought both the AtariMAX serial AND the USB Dual port adapters. APE (v3.08) registered running on W10PRO /Supermicro Motherboard DUAL Xeon 12 Cores; with REAL 16550 UART on the board. Have installed the W10 64bit drivers from AtariMAX. APE system works perfectly in every way (with both interfaces) EXCEPT It refuses to work with actual Happy Software wont read or write. i.e. APE Will load the Happy sector copier program but then, nither interface will: a) READ from either a real or disk image at ULTRA speed b) Write to a real or disk image at ULTRA speed Both interfaces work fine both directions and with ANY combination or real/virtual drives as long as you using regular DOS 2.0/2.5 or the like. ANY program that invokes ULTRA SPEED at any time, kills the ATARI right there. ** Also swapped out ALL the CABLES (no effect) ** Changed computers (130XE/800/800XL) same thing every time.
  4. No my friend I’m afraid you cannot make a copy of the alignment disk the alignment discs do not have an Atari format on them basically you can look at it as a signal pattern that is inbedded directly onto the desk with a commercial imaging Device or machinery If you want a real alignment disk you will have to buy one one should be enough to last you a lifetime for your home needs because they were designed to be used on the technicians workbench for heavy use
  5. The 1400XL was complete, with an ACTUAL 1400XL case, (not a repurposed 1200XL). It was marked on the bottom 25/50 (I think it was 50) and Mr. Strong told me it was the property of "Atari's Sound Engineer".....? Oh, and I remember it had a good separate color croma/luma output.
  6. Hey folks, ColleenLover here, was going through stuff on this ‘Covid work from home day’ and ran across this memory I thought I would share. Sorry for the low quality, the pictures I have are---ACTUAL PICTURES—I had to scan them. In the early 2000s I won the lifetime Atari collection of an older gentleman (pickup only) off of eBay. So much stuff!; I couldn’t store it all, I ended up single-handedly ‘restocking” Video 61s floppy drive inventory. In trade, I accepted a “COMPLETE” -with cover 1090XL. I ended up trading this unit to Christopher Strong for a 1400XL…. Which shortly later (in 2003 I think); I was then was forced to sell to a German Collector for $600 (not bad for 2003) because I badly needed a new video camera for my family. Oh well, easy come easy go as they say…
  7. OOO.. Faicuai sorry Brother! But I see what you talking about!
  8. Yes is fact you are on my path!.. the rev 11OS is a simple drop in upgrade and with it already having 256K.. and no BASIC unless you want it? Well, you are all set...
  9. I feel very much the same way, however, I prefer the "simple 1200XL video fix" in my experience, it provides 90% of the improvement of the Clearpic upgrade, but it take only a few minutes. 1200XL Simple Video MOD Remove L15 and replace with a wire. Remove C60 and replace with *nothing* Connect the missing chroma line at R45 to Pin #4 of Video Jack. (counting from LEFT on TOP of board)
  10. Aw yes! both good points! However, that very fact, is one of several reasons I prefer the 1200XL! We all know that the vast majority of the time we don't need BASIC anyways, and remembering the OPTION key gets old. If only Atari had done that feature correctly and "reverse BASIC" (Push OPTION FOR BASIC) was the normal right from the start...
  11. OK, it will take me while to get that done,,, you wouldn't know off the top of your head which of the connector contacts is a +5V and Gnd lines?
  12. 1 came with the rev 11 OS, the other 3, I upgraded myself. None have the BEST Mylar upgrade. Having so many, I had the - luxury of practice - on other ones with the more traditional method using conductive paint. Worked for me I also have a new spare 1200XL motherboard (also with rev 11 OS in reserve) I also have 4-mint 800s (2 with AXLON 128s) 2 New 800XLs 5 130XEs (2-new) 5- mint 810 drives (2-Happy rev 2 ROM) 1- mint ARCHIVER 810 7 MINT 1050 drives 4 happy 1 happy+controller 2 stock
  13. Over the course of 20 years I have purchased/owned/resold Thirty Eight (38) 1200XLs. The purpose of my quest was to obtain a collection of 4 NEW (or as close as new) "perfect 1200XLs. Finished that project last year I have 1 "new" and three 9.8-9.9/10 others. All have 100% keyboards. Rev 11 OSs 28 PIN OS Sockets I can assure you, that the rev 11 OS is definitely more compatible, in fact I can't tell the difference between REV 11 OS and an 800XL.
  14. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that the problem is that only 1 of the two (2) belts broke. Their is 1 for the PLAY speed and another for the FF and REWIND (on a different gear)? Never heard about only 1 belt before (am I wrong?) . I would open it up and watch it run FF/REWIND/PLAY with my own eyes..
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