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  1. I think this assessment is correct, the Apple II "world" is not nearly as alive as ours....
  2. Unfortunately, with him gone now, I don't' think we will ever know.
  3. I cannot believe this! he was too young! My Condolences to his family and friends. I remember back in...was it 2004- He allowed me to work with him briefly as a representative of the Atari Museum to contact Kodak management in an attempt to possibly recover some of the large quantity of TT030s that Kodak bought for image processing. (A rumor surfaced that they still had them warehoused). It didn't work out, but it was a nice memory. Rest in peace my friend!
  4. 16 - Computers total and 13 floppy drives 4- 1200XL 1 NEW the other 3 are 9.8/10 perfect ALL have 28pin OS sockets and 1200XL OS rev11 and 100% perfect keyboards 4- 800 All are 9.8/10 perfect I have 2 Original AXLON 128K and one AXLON 32K memcarts for them. 3- 800XL 2 new and 1 near new 9.9/10. 5- 130XE 2 NEW and 3 are 9.8/10 near new 7- 810 drives all are 9.5-9.8/10 condition 2 are Original Happy REV 2, One is Original CHIP,,, (all are 100% TANDON Mechs with upgraded replaced door latch pins from BEST). 6- 1050 drives 2 Org Happy 1 with Controller 4 more with Atarimax Happy clone 1 stock.
  5. WOW...ok I also thought of this and very closely inspected them with a magnifying glass. The shrink wrap appears to be original (it has very small random holes caused by the plastic ageing and opening at stress points). Also, the edges of the box (where a human finger ---always--- bends the paper to open the lid) is pristine, perfectly smooth NO cracks /bends appears untouched. When you shake the boxes, you can "feel" that this is a book and a disks moving inside.. Also, this seller had a large number of unopened titles, that he confessed to me that he got lucky at an estate sale recently from a person that had passed away. Wish I hadn't said that, might jinks myself.
  6. MINE-MINE-MINE!! Look what I got off eBay Still factory sealed!
  7. Aw yes, that is correct, the wiring plugs themselves are the same, all I had to do, was to compare the IBM plugs to the plugs on the Atari mech I just removed, and their were an obvious handful of wires that had to be moved to a slightly different pin location. (also, cutting out and removing all of the unused extras, like the optical speed sensing strobe 2nd head wiring, etc, etc), then after you hook it up; the 1st thing you need to due is LUBRICATE the new MECH, (they are always dried out) and adjust the SPEED to 288 RPM... .
  8. It is not difficult at all, I have installed IBM/ Tandon TM-100-2 (dual heads double sided) drives in four (4) 810 drives and they all work GREAT! Also, using the double sided mech permanently eliminates the problem of worrying about the rabbit-hair top pressure pad wearing out. Funny you guys are talking about this, I almost made a Youtube video on how to do this....
  9. I can answer this: In a word, YES, remember, that both (Atari VERSIONS of these (industry standard) TANDON and MPI drives had their wiring harness re-wired) to match up with Atari's proprietary electronics. So they are "drop in replaceable---(don't forget however, that each has a different front face plate). If however, you want to do a cool project like me, I dislike having to worry about the top pressure pad in theses single sided drives (that has to be replaced, they are literally made from rabbit-hair! So I replace them now with industry standard IBM TM-100-2 (DUAL SIDED drives with a head on both sides) I cut out/remove all the unnecessary parts and then totally rewire the plugs to match the Atari pin-outs. ** Leaving me with a perfectly working 810 that NEVER has to have its top pressure pad replaced. For quite some time, I have been building my collection of (new/perfect/near perfect) 810 drives and I collect ONLY the TANDON mech drives. Just so everyone is clear, the TANDON mech is the one with the "flip-up" door, the one that has the problem with the door pins breaking. With that said, I don't care about that issue, I have already replaced all the nylon pins with forever-brass pins from BEST. The other with the Pushbutton door is the MPI Also, the Tandon drives look assume compared to the MPI mechs. They are also the original model..... 2- are Original Happy upgrades (with Rev.7 compatible REV2 ROMS), 1 is an original "Chip" and last 3 are stock.
  10. Ooo really... OK this is really good info. I am struggling with doing this though... I might just "put up with it..."..
  11. Yes I have been using it with a genuine 1050 Happy, using it with ape, the sector copier will read the real drive and then freeze when writing to the virtual image. I was under the impression that APE simulated Happy drives, when nothing else is connected but APE and you boot the HWSS, the software says they are happy drives and does load the software at high speed. I was not using a 1200XL during these tests so I don't think the current limiting resistor issue was a factor in this case.
  12. Hey guys, I am old to Atari by new to APE SIO2PC. Recently bought both the AtariMAX serial AND the USB Dual port adapters. APE (v3.08) registered running on W10PRO /Supermicro Motherboard DUAL Xeon 12 Cores; with REAL 16550 UART on the board. Have installed the W10 64bit drivers from AtariMAX. APE system works perfectly in every way (with both interfaces) EXCEPT It refuses to work with actual Happy Software wont read or write. i.e. APE Will load the Happy sector copier program but then, nither interface will: a) READ from either a real or disk image at ULTRA speed b) Write to a real or disk image at ULTRA speed Both interfaces work fine both directions and with ANY combination or real/virtual drives as long as you using regular DOS 2.0/2.5 or the like. ANY program that invokes ULTRA SPEED at any time, kills the ATARI right there. ** Also swapped out ALL the CABLES (no effect) ** Changed computers (130XE/800/800XL) same thing every time.
  13. No my friend I’m afraid you cannot make a copy of the alignment disk the alignment discs do not have an Atari format on them basically you can look at it as a signal pattern that is inbedded directly onto the desk with a commercial imaging Device or machinery If you want a real alignment disk you will have to buy one one should be enough to last you a lifetime for your home needs because they were designed to be used on the technicians workbench for heavy use
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