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  1. I looked for sears II units on ebay before I read the reply above. It's cheaper to just get a 7800, they go for more than I expected.
  2. I'd be happy with just a top. All the screw holes are stripped or broken off, and the top is definitely worse than the bottom. This is an early model so it has the "expansion interface" without that hole how would I play all my laser disks?
  3. I was wondering if anybody has a case they could sell me for a decent price? Mine is fubared. I bought it on ebay years ago and it came like this because it wasn't packaged very well. It had about 100 plastic chips swimming around in the box also. I recently dusted it off and plugged it in and it didn't work. I threw a processor from a non working 5200 that I have in it and it works fine. As a secondary question, will the pokey chip from said nonworking 5200 work with the new "dragonfly"?
  4. I now agree with most of that. There are some games that are really expensive in the 400/800 that I really like on the 5200 though. I guess that's why I'll probably keep my 5200 for now. I really like some of the cbs games and gyruss, gremlins, popeye, and I have a port of tapper that is great. I also really like that it has two action buttons for games like moon patrol and defender. I haven't played the 400/800 versions of those games so I don't know if they came up with a good solution for having only one button or not.
  5. Yes. I have a 7800 that I bought years ago on ebay and put in a box long long ago and many moves ago. It worked then but now it doesn't. I've done some research and have pulled it apart and experimenting on it. Hopefully I can get it to work, but if not I'll probably ebay another one. The reason I posted about the 7800 is because I was thinking about just eliminating it because I love the 5200 for many reasons. The original weakness was the controllers but now with all the adapters out there that is not a problem. The atarimax rom cartridge allows me to put away most of the old clunky cartridges, and the vcs adapter lets me play all the 2600 cartridges. I also can play 2600 on my colecovision. So the backwards compatibility means nothing to me on the 7800. Basically I was just looking for some space savings, there are just to many systems and switching between them can be a pain in the ass. I have decided to eliminate the intellivision, what a POS that was...coming soon to ebay.
  6. Also I've decided to, through suggestion, to keep one cart of every game I have for my 5200. I do have some duplicates, if anybody is interested in trading some 5200 games for some 7800 games, let me know. That also goes for hardware, I have lots of controllers, power supplies, weird 4 port rf boxes, etc. I might need a power supply and some controllers for the 7800. All I have right now is the one in the picture and 2600 and genesis controllers. The one in the picture is pretty sweet, huh? I got it in an ebay lot years ago.
  7. I decided to take the plunge. I have one on the way. Does anybody have any games to sell at a reasonable price? I was also wondering about controllers. Do the genesis and master system controllers work? I heard that the genesis ones do with both buttons, but do the master systems? I like those ones better. Also on another note, I downloaded congo bongo because I really wanted to play it for some reason. I think it is just the name, its sorta funny, and sega makes it, so it should be great right? It is probably the worst game of all time. I'd rather play e.t. on the 2600, I'm so glad I didn't buy it.
  8. Great reasons. I recently discovered the wafer drive for the 5200, so I will be getting rid of all my carts that I have found a rom for. Because of that I think I'm going to check out the 7800. Does the 7800 have a wafer drive? I looked on ebay and couldn't find one.
  9. I am a huge 5200 fan. I have tons of games, alternate controllers and love the system. I was thinking about getting a 7800 and the more research I do on it the more I ask myself...why? It uses the same processor as the 5200, the sound is crap, the only upgrade seems to be the graphics. Most of the games that I'm interested in are on the 5200. The only ones that are on the 7800 that I want that are not on the 5200 are food fight and galaga, and I have them on other systems. I would like ikari warriors and a couple others too, but they are really expensive and not exclusive and cheaper on the other platforms. The homebrews seem to cost more on the 7800 also. So I guess my question to all you 7800 fans is why do you like them, and is it worth getting one for somebody who has a great 5200?
  10. I've tried that already. Is there anything that can go bad on the inside? Maybe they could be taken apart and repaired?
  11. Does anybody have a file of all the overlays and/or manuals? I'd just like to look at them before or as I'm playing. I don't use an original atari controller so I don't need the actual overlays. The manuals would helpful for the games that I'm not familiar with too.
  12. I have 2 activision cartridges that do not work. I've cleaned them and it didn't help. Is there anybody that knows any tricks to get them to work again? They are beamrider and decathlon
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