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  1. really starting to feel one with the ostrich: 72150
  2. 2nd try 1B: 2338! Bonus stampede simulator aka 8B: 475 Having too much fun trying to figure out the logic behind the black cows.
  3. 1B:1546! 8B:468 Never put the effort into Stampede before but gotta say it surprised me, classic risk-reward. I also found playing b-w on this title more comfortable but I am color blind. I don’t own stampede (yet) so am playing updated Stella with dualshock4.
  4. Bonus 2nd attempt: 5 wing things in Radar Lock?
  5. Hi everyone sorry I’m late. Been a visitor since 56k but the idea of joining struck me and when I got around to checking it was the last hour of week 2, so first post. Thanks Atarian7 for encouraging me to hop in and have a blast with the rest of y’all and thank you Vocelli for putting on the the show! bonus: I would argue the demons in demon attack are winged, I count six?
  6. Hey everyone! Lifelong Atari fan here getting my mind and body ready for 2600 HSC Season 11.

    1. Atarian7


      Why not join in on Season 10?   It's still young.

    2. kiansurfs


      Thanks I think I will! Life is too short not to!

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