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  1. That sounds awesome. I would love to set up a leaderboard for my kids and all their cousins to compete with each other. And another leaderboard for me and my friends. I also agree it's best to only award achievement badges & certificates to the official leaderboards to keep those legit. As a parent, I would just want to make sure that my kids still have a safe online experience. No chats, messaging, or any info other than screen name and country/state.
  2. I would love to see the local leaderboards be specific to smaller geographic areas, such as city or county. It might lead to some local meetups or in-person Amico events if a few people from the same city realize they keep competing with each other. If an entire state is the smallest geographic area, I'll likely be ranked #20,000 or worse in California because it's so populated.
  3. Can we just move on from the negativity please? I don't post a lot here, but I do try to read this thread throughout the week. It's usually something fun and positive to look forward to. Can we please take it back to that? @Toobin, it seems that your issues are complicated enough to start your own thread topic rather than taking over this thread.
  4. 1, 3, and 6. BUT, replace #6 with a similar shot showing MULTIPLAYER!
  5. 1) I see your point. When I said, "no kid wants to play those," I was really thinking about my 7 year old boy. At his age, anything school related seems boring. On the other hand, my 2 year old daughter would probably love the Sesame Street ABC & 123 games. I just don't see elementary age kids begging to play them over something like Minecraft or even Shark Shark. I really just wanted to emphasize adding learning experiences in regular games. I don't want to get rid of traditional educational games. 2) I don't want "too" complex strategy games either, but "too" is subjective and means different things for different people. An example of the amount of complexity I imagine for Amico could be found in an old Sierra game called "The Time Warp of Dr. Brain" in its' mini game "Primordial Soup." I linked a YouTube video of it. The instructions are way too long though so fast forward to halfway. Hopefully Amico designs the games so you learn by playing rather than reading or listening to lengthy instructions.
  6. Finally!!!! After almost 2 months of playing catch-up, I just finished reading all the posts. This thread grows faster than I have time to read. I'm excited for the Amico and my kids (2, 7, and 9) LOVE to wear thier Amico T-shirts to school now that they go in person. My 7 year old boy was playing the original Utopia quite a lot last year. Now he is playing the original Civilization on my old B&W Macintosh. He also plays the old Maxis Sim games alot. I never thought a child that young would be into these more "complicated" strategy games, but he keeps leaning toward these world/nation building style games. He also loves Risk. I guess these are somewhat similar to his all-time favorite (and most kids' favorite) game, Minecraft. In all of these, the player becomes the creator of the game. I know Utopia is being reimagined, but what other games are in the pipeline that would really allow the player to build, create, strategize, and control the environment? I use video games with my kids as learning tools because I realized how much I learned from video games myself. Much of my troubleshooting skills, multitasking abilities, prioritizing methods, and man-hour time management of my work crews come naturally to me because I developed the skills as a kid playing video games. Solving puzzle rooms in Zelda, juggling multiple tasks in Lemmings, and and sending off hordes of armies in Starcraft all trained my brain to be efficient and effecting in complete tasks and achieving goals. I don't want only boring ABC/123 "learning" games, because I never wanted to play them as a kid. Those were created to appease parents in a time when the media was blaming video games for everything bad in the world. They were definitely NOT created for the childhood version of me. I want games that are simply fun, but challenging in ways that teach my kids skills without them knowing it. Similar to how Sim City teaches kids about taxes, money management, and government without being marketed to the child as an "educational" game. I also WANT the games to be somewhat addictive for my kids, as long as the game helps them develop skills. How great would it be for my kids to voluntarily spend thier free time in something good? I would absolutely love to come home and see my two older kids playing a game of Monopoly together on the kitchen table. I would feel the same if I came home to them playing Utopia or some sort of reimagined multiplayer Sim City Amico game. This is all asuming that Amico is able to deliver the same quality of game as Monopoly. None of these scenarios will ever happen unless the game is so fun for my kids that they are begging to play it. I would rather have to deal with my kids being somewhat "addicted" to a problem-solving game than have to try to convince them to play an "educational" game. Any way, I'm just rambling on with multiple thoughts because it will probably be another 2 months before I catch up with reading this thread again. I might as well get it all out while I'm here. Thanks everyone and hopefully the people at Intellivision can incorporate my parental thoughts into the vast majority of thier games. And also add more world-building, strategy, and Sim-City style games.
  7. Go ahead and repost this wherever you like. I always love bragging about how cool my kids are. Amico also has to compete with Mario Paint though....
  8. I posted this on Facebook, but thought I'd post it over here too. I finally found a video game I can sit down and play with my 2 year old! Frog Bog! It only has 1 button on easy mode which happens to be that big shiny disc which she obviously loves to press. We keep pet frogs in a terrarium at home, so we went back and forth between feeding the real frogs and then feeding the frogs on the game. Honestly, it was real fun to be able to play something with her that she could stay focused on. I've been away rebuilding burnt down power lines in the Creek Fire for the past 3 months. It's such a nice welcome home present to spend quality time with the kids. Anyone here with kids should know, having a 2 year old actually play something with you for 10 minutes straight and not throw it across the room is a miracle. Adding in the educational value of feeding the real frogs in the mix was perfect. I never thought I'd say this before tonight, but now I'm most looking forward to the simple 1 button multiplayer games on Amico. Nothing like this exists on Switch. My older kids love the Switch, but my 2 year old only wants Intellivision. Frog Bog is about as simple as it gets, but it sure made my day and hers. P.S. Tommy if you need a 2 year old to test the Amico, we're just around the corner. I guess I'd have to be part of the sneak peek too as her parent 😜
  9. This also reminds me of the Grape Escape board game that used Play-Doh as the character pieces. That would be great. It's similar to Mouse Trap, but you grind up your Play-Doh pieces instead of catching a mouse when you trigger the trap.
  10. San Diego Zoo. We spent the weekend at Legoland Hotel. It was a needed break after working three 24 hour shifts in a row on Labor Day during the heat storm. I'm a power lineman in Anaheim and the heat caused a lot of outages. Most people don't realize we exist as a career and also the amount of human lives lost on a regular basis to keep our power on. It really makes you think about what and who's important in life each day. So what are the chances of Intellivision making the first ever video game about a lineman? Nintendo did one about a plumber..... just sayin'
  11. Will the event be recorded for those of us unable to watch live and must you watch live to be eligible for the prize if you win?
  12. My wife said either a creepy stalker guy or a guy that runs around at night. Probably not the best name for a non-gamer, but oh well. My 6 year old son said he didn't know what stalker means. Then he asked me to go away so he could each sit in the corner by himself with his Switch. He was watching people on YouTube play Minecraft. My 8 year daughter initially thought I said "Night Stopper." She got all excited and said it could be a game about having to stop the night from coming so it would be daylight and rainbows all the time. When I corrected her, she got upset and went into the other room to also watch YouTube on an old phone. I really need an Amico now, not in October, and definitely not next year... I'm just really hoping they find a game on it they really love so they can actually play for themselves instead of watching others play on YouTube.
  13. Battle Tanks. I just asked my wife, my 5 year son, and my 70 year old parents what they thought "Armor Battle" and "Battle Tanks" games were. All of them knew what battle tanks were and none of them knew what armor battle was. I personally like the nostalgia of having the Intellivision title "Armor Battle," but my wife and kids have no nostalgia at all for Intellivision. All they know is a game called Battle Tanks is about battle tanks. Armor battle could be some new kind of Pokemon battle for all they know.
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