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  1. Thank you for your post. You have our support. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  2. I wish Tommy and his team nothing but the best with the launch of the Amico. I am signed up to purchase a founders edition, and there was some games that have gotten my interest. Skiing looks great and cant wait to play that one. With that being said, I was honest in my video and think that there are some things to address in terms of the graphics of some games shown today. Moving to a spring launch might be really good for them. 4Q is crowded and this will give them more development time to refine some games. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the MLB license.
  3. I have a two extra Gamevision carts zero zap and hangman. Just wanted to check in and see the current value of these. Input is great and thank you!
  4. Yes, the company on the Manual says Internet inc a Telecor Company. The address is 3250 East 26th Street Vernon, California 90058.
  5. It is NTSC. Manual that came with it I am keeping and shows that the company was based in the US. NTSC output and used channel 3. The fact that you don't have one should say something
  6. I have purchased from a friend of mine a rare Pong/Console. It is a TCR 900PC Pong that takes carts. Very few of these have been found working over the years. I am asking the community for what the current value of this might be. I am offering it to a fellow AA member first and want to sell it at a reasonable price. I dont know what a reasonable price would be though. The purpose of this to to sell it to acquire some rare Atari stuff. I want to sell it to help fund a future purchase of mine. Attached are some pictures. The console works. One working controller. Luckily, the non working controller is intact and probably can be repaired. It also detaches from the base unit so a replacement can be found. I did a video of this unit a few years back as well. The battery compartment is clean. Got a nice clean signal on channel 3. Box is in rough shape but intact. Input would be helpful.
  7. Looking to buy Oddball Vic-20 game carts. If you have any for sale, please message me with a list of what you have. Thanks!
  8. I have a rare Vic 20 cart and cant get it to load. I have tried a few SYS commands(EVG 2000 thank you) but wanted to reach out to this forum to see if anyone has suggestions to get this cart to load. A good chance it could be a rare game, and would like to see what is on the cart.
  9. I have had a rare cart in my collection for some time. It is a blue TYMAC cart and it wont load on my vic 20. Any Suggestions to get it working? The casing is unique and dont want to destroy the cart to open it up. Any suggestions are welcome.
  10. Make sure to watch the Robotron video in 60 fps.
  11. Had alot of fun with this video, here is the new Robotron 2084 for the 2600. Enjoy!
  12. Here is my video of Robotron 2084, absolutely had a blast playing it. Also note the WIP I share is an update from the demo and shows beyond Wave 9 Also, make sure to play the video in 60fps.
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