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  1. Excluding Missile Command Recharged and Atari Vault 1/2, what the the top five releases so far? I am wanting to buy some of the best games for the Atari VCS to check out.
  2. Continuing the ranking video series on my channel I look at Black Pearl Software for the Sega Genesis. Thank you for everyone checking out my channel.
  3. Any news announcments from Atari for the VCS and future plans? Now that the console has launched(kind of) I want to see what they do now with it.
  4. Thank you for making this extensive list. I am pursing a Mattel electronics Aquarius set and this has helped. Just trying to locate a boxed logo cart and recently came across some uncommon accessories.
  5. As someone who is in media, it is always easier to be on the sideline and give a perspective of how someone else is covering something. We live in a world in which everyone has an opinion, and rarely can we all agree upon something. There are so many different pockets of gaming enthusiasts out there now. Multiple generations have now experienced gaming first hand, often fighting over which console or computer is the best, how x console delivered, this x console sucked etc. When I received my Atari VCS as a backer, I tried to be as objective as I could. First and foremost I do believe that it did deliver to its backers. Now the real work begins. I separate backer campaign from a console launch, which is entirely different. I want to cover the VCS on my channel as an update to the backer campaign, but I want to first let it be officially launched and want to check out and buy some of the best released games. I support the VCS endeavors to move forward with the VCS and look forward to any announcements that they intend to offer this Spring/Summer for future plans.
  6. I am always looking to buy Odyssey 2 Items/Homebrews that I do not have. If you have something Odyssey 2 for sale, PM me.
  7. Sometimes a game plays the same as a final but there are subtle differences. Only true way is to dump the file and compare to the original. AtariMax makes a commercial cart that makes this easy for to.
  8. Two More Pre Production Games that I had in my collection. Here is the pic and I did dump them here for people to test out. Let me know if you find any differences than than the final. Popeye RLS.1.bin Star Wars RLS.2.bin
  9. I got referred to this site to compare files https://www.diffnow.com/compare-files There was differences from what I uploaded versus the released files Nimble Numbers Ned was released in September 82 I do believe so there was time to change some things I suppose
  10. Hope this post is okay. I recently won a Goodwill auction that included 2 pre production/prototype Odyssey 2 Games. I have seen the Killer Bees Label before, but have not seen any pre production cart for Nimble Numbers Ned. Using an Atarimax USB dumper, I have included the games below as I need help from others to see if there are any differences than the released games. Enjoy! Killer Bees 11.12.82.bin Nimble Numbers Ned Show Sample May 82.bin
  11. New video talking about what Sega IPs should be revisited!
  12. Is anyone still making these? I know the original creator is taking a break. I am looking for a few for my intellivision II. Thanks!
  13. I have now had two Intellivisions upgraded by Crossbow. He does simply amazing work and cant recommend him enough.
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