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  1. New Lynx Game Unnamed. Pre orders are up and just a heads up at Songbird Productions.
  2. I enjoyed this game quite a bit. I did not want to ruin many of the intricate puzzles in this game. Hope sales do well for Songbird!
  3. Looking forward to seeing the Amico launch. Looks like everyone involved is making this better than ever.
  4. New video up testing the paddle function of the Atari VCS Classic Joystick
  5. I test the new controller and it paddle function. Overall I thought it did a good job.
  6. Thanks for posting my video. A friend of mine saw my game room and gave me the nickname. The name works for YouTube as it distinguishes me from John Hancock Insurance. I look forward to doing a follow up video and looking at some new VCS games from the store. Do you have a list of release dates? How often will games be released?
  7. I just tested the Antstream Arcade service and it was decent. Games ran pretty good on the VCS.
  8. I had zero problems with the Wifi.
  9. I am missing the final four carts. Brain Wave, W.I.N. Basketball, and Interplanetary Voyage. These are hard to find and expensive. I am not pursuing these right now but thank you.
  10. The Odyssey 2 was my first complete set of games. I really enjoyed the simplicity and arcade style games it had. Pic Axe Pete, K.C. Muchkin, Freedom Fighters, Turtles, and Smithereens were favorites. The homebrew market has been fun to collect too. Agree that the US market was limited, but is nice to have a small selection of games to focus on and play.
  11. Just wanted to post here and thank PacManPlus for countless amazing games and contribution to the community. Bob, you have single handedly made it one of my favorite Atari consoles to play!
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