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  1. Awesome sleeper hit for the 4th quarter. My local Walmart did not have copies yet, but Gamestop did and picked it up. Perfect fit for the Switch. Combines aspects of Hydro Thunder, Burnout 3, Rush 2049, and keeps it light and fun. With a budget release and on physical, this one will be a great gift option too for some.
  2. From my personal perspective, the 7800 came out too late and offered more of the previous same types of games from Atari. It was confusing from a consumer perspective, that had clearly moved on to the next big thing. As a kid that was around ten when the console came out, it was only offered in a few stores in my area that I remember, and not marketed that much at all(Montgomery Ward had a few). I have come to LOVE the 7800 in my adult years, and feel that the homebrew support of the console makes it much more appealing NOW. Back then, I can tell you that it was only sparsely offered in rural Northern California.
  3. Gravitar on the 2600 is one of my favorite games, so I had some practice with these types of games. I feel embarrassed not noticing the side thrusters or self leveling, but thank you!
  4. Nice extensive list! I have passively collected games and demos over the years with several oddities. I do not have a set and like mentioned, many are not well documented and seem to have been made for specific regions making them near impossible to track down. I do have one of the Sears Marketing Discs mentioned and made a video about it here: https://fb.watch/7_lhedmWxK/
  5. Good to know, thanks for the heads up :).
  6. I played through the demo. Amazing! Here is link to the video I did on it. https://fb.watch/7YJo06kIRK/
  7. Here are some pics of two recent carts I picked up for the Atari 8-bit. These are pre production carts that appear to be finals, but wanted to share them here. Hope you enjoy! Joust 8-bit Pre Production.bin Pole Position Atari 8-bit US.bin
  8. Amazing game and just wanted to thank all who were involved with the project being programmed and put on physical.
  9. Success! So happy that this worked! Ms. Pac Man Atari Lynx Test.mp4
  10. I will try this and get back to you to see if this works. Thank you for the suggestion.
  11. I am having some issues with capturing footage with my Atari Lynx. I have a McWill Modded Lynx with a VGA out option(with adapter). The adapter sticks out of the lynx from the top then connects to a seperate VGA cable. I am not getting a picture at all. I have a Framemeister, vga to hdmi adapter, and have tried several different monitors and setups. I am using batteries in my lynx and not a power source. Any other options I could try would be great. I wanted to be able to capture some footage for a future video and this would be a nice option.
  12. I have a Retrotink 5X so s-video is perfect for me. It is very unclear of this mod and might have to ask around on Facebook for further clarification.
  13. Looking around to see if anyone here has upgraded their Vic 20 with a better video signal. I saw this on Etsy and wanted to bring it up here. If someone has done this on their vic 20 or has upgraded their Vic 20 to get better picture quality, please let me know. https://www.etsy.com/listing/775553994/clearvideo-for-vic-20-rf-modulator
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