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  2. I just wanted to thank the Jag community for sharing your input on this wonderful console. I have a soft spot for the Jaguar because I feel it is underappreciated. It makes me smile to see all the wonderful aftermarket development thriving.
  3. Just wanted to ask the opinions of Jaguar fans on this one. Recently I acquired the original Battlesphere. I wanted to know if people here consider this a professional 3rd party release that is not part of the official releases or if it is considered part of the set. I would like to do a future video want to classify it correctly. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for posting this. As I was playing this, I noticed the sound issues. they can fix this update correct? I do have have to say that the $20 CV collection is very worth it.
  5. I came across a large lot of Atari ST hardware and am going through it. The good news is that I am finding most of it working. I have two SF314 drives and two SF354 drives that do not work. Does anyone here repair these for others? Also was trying to play a game(Arkanoid) using a RF modulator on an Atari 520ST and game would not work. All I did was change to a Atari ST color monitor and the game is now working. Are there games that only work on the Atari ST color monitor? Also is there a mod to allow the Atari ST consoles to be hooked up to modern TVs or monitors? Sorry about all the questions. The Atari 520ST was the first computer in my home growing up and it was a blast to play.
  6. I like the Y cable option. I also recommended a sensitivity switch for the paddle that it could be adjusted.
  7. Tested it on the C64 and it did not work with the paddle function.
  8. Not factory stock firmware. Not the latest one either.
  9. Just wanted to share this here and give my thoughts. This is a new controller that combines a paddle and joystick into one. I tested the controller on a variety of devices as well and will continue to test when I have time. This is a prototype and not released yet. Also tested it with the 7800 on games like Crazy Brix and Donkey Kong. Worked really good with Pac-Man style games
  10. I finished my retail Lynx set and it felt really good!

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      Way to go John! =D

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      Master Phruby

      Execellent job! They look great!

  11. Just wanted to share here that I completed my Lynx retail collection. It felt really good:
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