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  1. Just wanted to share this here and give my thoughts. This is a new controller that combines a paddle and joystick into one. I tested the controller on a variety of devices as well and will continue to test when I have time. This is a prototype and not released yet. Also tested it with the 7800 on games like Crazy Brix and Donkey Kong. Worked really good with Pac-Man style games
  2. I finished my retail Lynx set and it felt really good!

  3. Just wanted to share here that I completed my Lynx retail collection. It felt really good:
  4. Here is a an old video I posted about the original prototype that started this crazy journey. A good friend of mine found the proto in a thrift store. Nice to see the game dumped now.
  5. Bob, it was the least I could do. The 7800 holds a special place in my collection(was the first retro console to start it all) and your games are the best. You have lots of support and fans of your games here, and I just wanted to make an appreciation video to share how many awesome things you do. Looking forward to playing some of your games today on my birthday as they always put a smile on my face. Thank you!
  6. Looking for mostly uncommon or rare Commodore Vic 20 games. If you have any for sale, please message me. I am probably missing them. Thanks!
  7. New video honoring my favorite programmer and his new project is now complete!
  8. Looks like I missed this one, dang
  9. I won an auction on ebay for a Tele-Games Pong in a hard case. I cant find anything about the case. I have only seen a few before, but do not know anything about them. Price, how they were sold, were they offical product or third party etc. The auction came with a pong console that is different than the other tele-games models I have. The auction included a manual that also is different than the one I have. The manual has "Tele-Game" on it vs Tele-Games as well as some other variations. The pong unit has silver colored border around the white top on the unit. Any info about any of this would be most appreciated.
  10. I thought that this might be appropriate to place here. I test many things with the Mega SG and give my results. I hope this helps!
  11. This is a must have game. To support the developer, I have purchased a copy of the game. The 7800 was capable of so much and this game shows it!
  12. Still have the Namco Blast, keeping it. I dont know if I will ever cover their stuff again, only time will tell.
  13. I speculate that I will be covering less products from them after the Bandai Namco issue. Time will tell. Have not heard a peep from them since then. Interesting...
  14. Video is up of the 7800 physical copy and game. Hope you all enjoy!
  15. Video up tomorrow, and just got done playing this with my son. Sets the bar very high on what can be done on the 7800. Anyone who questioned the power of the 7800 needs to play this game.
  16. I will be doing a video soon. Want to do the video as best as I can. Simply amazing game.
  17. I would love for people here to vote! Comment below on my video in the comment section. Choose the Atari Flashback 9 or the Retron 77 for which is better.
  18. Unboxing of Toki Retrollector edition for the Switch!
  19. Just wanted to share a video of mine of a rare Intellivision item. I know many here would appreciate this item more than most. The Item in the video appears at the 5:00 mark. Long live the Intellivision and enjoy!
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