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  1. Atgames is making one of their blast units a wireless Pong Paddle flashback. I want to know if you can use these same paddles for the FB9. As for exclusive controllers for a particular model, I have have never been a big fan. I do believe that Stella 3.9X was used, but am not 100 percent sure.
  2. I let them know about the audio issue and hopefully a fix can be made. I was told things about the super retrocade that never happened(indirectly from a distributor) so I dont want to say things will happen if they do not happen. I did not try much other than literally taking the SD card out of my super retrocade and trying it on the legends device hoping that it would be that easy to recognize games on the SD card. Sadly nothing happened.
  3. I had issues with the Retrobit supercade as well. Funny thing is that that unit took av cables as well. If I used the CRT hookups, the sound issues went away.
  4. New Atgames product reviews are up Flashback 9 Legends Flashback Bandai Namco Blast!
  5. My reviews are up for the Flashback 9, Bandai Namco Blast, and Flashback Legends. All have their strengths and weaknesses, but liked the Flashback 9 this year.
  6. As a small independent publisher of little projects, all of the games I have been involved with have been done by hand. A large majority of the games that I helped publish were for charity, with a few projects done with various programmers on the side(Game Panic 2600). All the programmers own their own games and do as they wish with them. These side projects are made by hand in very small batches. Every cart I sell gives a royalty to the programmer. These projects even on a small level take time and a small amount of money, not to mention usually donor carts.
  7. One of the original organizers for the first six years, I have not missed a show. I will be vending/speaking/presenting in the museum and on the show floor(neighbors with EVG2000. Trying to have some Game Panic 2600 carts for the show. My NES boxed collection will be on display this year.
  8. Reviews are live: I did my best with these reviews. Happy to answer questions. Not perfect but there will be people who will want these. The Flashback 9 and Blast devices are my my preferred products. Flashback 9 Legends Flashback Bandai Namco Blast!
  9. Just a heads up that I ended up being contacted by AtGames and will be reviewing a new product Friday 12:00 PM PDT
  10. Bob, your games are amazing. We support you and thank you for continuing on this project.
  11. Off to New Jersey for AVGC this weekend. Thank you for your kind words. I visit the forums often but have been juggling alot lately. Atariage is the main forum that I use for the classics. Between teaching, YouTube, and conventions on the road it has been busy for me.
  12. Would be very interested in a cart release.
  13. Crazy pickups video and lots of oddball items. Enjoy!
  14. I am personally disappointed that there has not been more information about a future update for fix for the Retron 77. I had high hopes that it would be supported better and this could be fixed with more communication. I know that the engineer that worked on it is active here. I would be nice for him to give an update on these forums about future updates that would help this product become better than average. In its current state it falls into the typical Hyperkin product of two steps forward, one step back. I have attempted to reach out and have heard nothing.
  15. I am looking for a few specific things currently. If anyone has these for sale please PM me with what you are selling them for. 1. Atari XE demo cart 2. Adam Computer Donkey Kong Tape Thanks!
  16. 28th Game Set Completed! Longtime collector for the XEGS and have climbed the mountain. Now have to pursue those harder to find accessories and XE demo cart.
  17. For the price, not bad for cheap gifts this holiday season. I would place these in the same category as the Jacks Plug N Plays. I would love to get my hands on one to check it out.
  18. Played and loved the game. Sadly I did not finish it yet.
  19. I did. I had the lens of the general public in mind when I did the review, as well as bringing the console to a private gaming meetup before the review for input. I have reviewed the previous FB portables that last two years. I just want to educate the public about features and have them decide if a product is something they are interested in. I don't like wasting my money on something there is no information on. Some old timers are going to reminisce about the fun of being surprised with buying a game that did not have reviews. While I understand that myself, there also is on the other side the disappointment of blowing XX dollars on a product that did not live up to expectations or promise on the box.
  20. Wow, this thread degraded rapidly. Wonder007 is highly respected around here and was a mistake to post his private offer. If you do have that 15K offer I would take it. You are not going to get more for the game, only in your mind. Sugar will get your farther than vinegar.
  21. I have been sent other consoles they have done in the past. The problem is that many would like to see if the product is worth picking up over last years model. I too would want them to get it right. Imagine if there were not any reviews of games before they come out. At the least, they should provide an in depth video themselves that can demonstrate the updates to previous models.
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