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  1. I think that the "next gen" will really have to prove itself before it can be a runaway success. All three console companies have their work cut out to entice "new" gamers and not piss off the people who initially bought and support thier consoles. So far I am not impressed, fueled by the what I consider a lack of things new enough to warrant a large game console purchase. Today, I enjoyed the buy 2 get one free at a local gamestop and walked out of the store with 7 games for a mere $25. At the current prices of current gen stuff, it is going to have to be one hell of a game for me to go buy it new for $50 to $60 bucks. Count me out of this battle, I am happy with leftovers for now. Let me know when the prices come down to reality.
  2. If there is anyone who can help me get these inserts, I would really appreicate it. Please PM me.
  3. I actually came up with the idea for the cart. My wife had a breast cancer scare this last year, and I thought it would make a great collectors piece for a good cause. I shared my idea with Rick, and he took it from there. I am very pleased with the cart, and am happy to be part of its inception. My cart #3 is very special to me PS Lee did awsome artwork for the cart!
  4. Use a NES adaptor, they work fine, and that is what I use on my APF. It's not like you're gonna play the thing for hours....
  5. Yeah, this is a great place. Lots of nice folks hereabouts. What's even better is that most of them are just as cool in real life. Great place, great people. Hell, I hardly ever post anywhere else.
  6. I am selling my proto of Secret Agent for the 2600. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, John
  7. I am posting this here and am a good friend of Rick Weis. Up for sale is my holy grail of offically unreleased games back in the day....secret agent by data age. This cart, like the others, was put on other demo carts back in the day made by the complany. Mine was put on journey escape cart #805. There are only 3 or 4 of these known to exist including the one I have. I have tested this game at the home of Rick Weis on his Atari Kiosk. The game matches the pics that are archived in Atari Age. Pics can be provided by request. I consider this to be a true holy grail to any atari collector, and I am offering it to this forum before I post it on ebay. I will not let it go for less than $1500 and will take the best offer. Serious collectors can contact me through email. Rick Weis can be contacted on its authenticity. My email is [email protected]
  8. A couple updates. I am now down to 11 games. TRADE N GAMES, I will have a list tomorrow of what I need. I need several common boxes, and many sports. I also have some others on their that I am willing to trade or pay for. Thirdly, I am missing TNN Bass TOC to clarify. I have the other one. Finally as for what is considered part of the US sega collection, A very simular topic was brought up on DP(when it was up) on what is actually considered part of the offical US set. Everyone has their own opinoin. For me Outback Joey does not play on an acutal Genesis, but its own bundled hardware that uses its own unique controllers. While the heart of the system is a Genesis processor, it is different. It also was not commercially released to the public to purchase, but rather businesses. I have the a miracle cart, which is not in perfect shape, but I bought it for $45. It is better than nothing. I also have several other unique things that just add sparkle to my set. 1. Genesis pirate tetris cart 2. Game factory blue and green 3. several accolade preview betas(legit protos)Several are different than final release. 4. Several boxed acc and systems including the CDX, Gen 1, 2, 3, Xband Modem(sealed), and even a golf club acc! For the few that can help me, here are the boxes I am missing for my set as well. I do trades donations and more! Sega Genesis Boxes to Go! McDonalds Treasue Land Adventure Marsupilami Simpsons Barts Adventure NBA Hangtime Atomic Robo Kid Pele II Unnecessary Roughness Stormlord Phantom 2040 Quad Challenge Puggsy Issys Quest for the Olympic Rings Lemmings 2 Bass Masters Classic Pro Edition Gain Ground Vapor Trail Zool Espn Sunday Night NFL Red Zone Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball NFL 98 World Cup USA 94 Richard Scarry’s Bubsytown Star Trek Deep Space Nine Thomas the Tank Engine Fighting Masters Crystals Pony Tale Toy Story After Burner II A Dinosaurs Tale Fatal Labyrinth Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine NBA Action 95 Chavez II Mega Bomberman Mutant Chronicles Addams Family Wimbledon Championship Tennis Championship Pro Am Tournament Fighters Ecco Jr. Pinocchio Minnesota Fats Pool Legend Hook Earthworm Jim 2 Shove It! World Heroes Tecmo Super Bowl II College Footballs National Championship Top Gear 2 Demolition Man Chester Cheetah Tool Cool to fool Atomic Runner Super Volley Ball Bimini Run Crusader of Centy Rolo to the Rescue Shadow of the Beast II Fifa 96 Battle Squadron Budokan Ishido Theme Park Blockout NHL 98 NBA Live 98 Sword of Sodan Robocod Faery Tale Adventure Galahad PGA Tour 96 Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball Super Smash TV Dragon the Bruce Lee Story Joe and Mac Marvel Comics Punisher Foreman for Real Insector X Deadly Moves Vectorman 2 Flintstones Sonic Classics Paperboy Olympic Summer Games Zoop Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Primal Rage Adventures of Batman and Robin Pocahontas Magic School Bus Space Invaders 91 World Trophy Soccer Prime Time NFL Football Rolling Thunder 3 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Sparkster Soldiers of Fortune Aero the Acrobat 2 Jurassic Park Rampage Edition Waynes World Seaquest DSV RBI Baseball 93
  9. My name is John Hancock and I am a regular over at DP. I am a good friend of Rick Weis and am helping him with his NWCGE Vancouver event. I am nearing my 8th complete US collection and need your help. I have been extremely fortunate to have such wonderful people on this forum help me with my other collections. I am down to my last 14 US Sega Genesis games. I am looking for the games complete if possible. Here is what I am missing.. I cannot believe I am down to 6! Thanks to the great people of this site, I am at my final 7 Genesis carts that I need to finish my 8th collection. I do prefer boxed. I can trade or buy for any, I also take donations. Any help would be great, I am excited to be this close! Thank you so much DP members! Sega Genesis Games to Go! 1. Aerobiz Supersonic-need game and inst...will trade well for this one.. 2. ESPN Speedworld 3. Incredible Crash Dummies 4. Kawasaki Superbike Challenge 5. Rock N Roll Racing 6. TNN Bass Tournament of Champions(I have the 96 one) 7. Weaponlord I am looking for a boxed Genesis Miracle Piano Teaching System complete and I am willing to part with TWO PRE PRODUCTION ATARI DEMO CARTS for it. One is a Demostration Cart for Bermuda Triangle, as well as a DEMO Cart of FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER. Both are very very rare, and would make any atari collection proud. I really want it.
  10. I think that Atari 2600 will stay the leader of homebrews, just mainly to the sheer availability of product. Although the 2600 is a monster to program for, it still can be done with a small operation or even one person. You can still buy up extra carts and systems for very cheap(when compared to other systems). As for other systems(Nes) you have to deal with lockout chips and more complicated programming. I would agree with Colecovision systems scarcity being a factor, as well as not being as durable as the good ol 2600. One system that is a huge suprise to me is the Vectrex, which for only having under 40 games released offically, it has a huge homebrew base.
  11. I too would recommend this to anyone who can make it. As for the Northwest, this is going to be a great show. I have a feeling that there is going to be some great atari collectables at the show!
  12. I was able to find a atari program excahnge cassette labeled "salmon run" by Bill Williams along with a cart that is mastertype by Lightning software. Any estimates on value?
  13. I am very pleased with the transaction and look forward to getting the items traded. I now have a liscensed US Nes set. I thank everyone who replied, posted, and vouched for me(thanks Rick). This will be my seventh complete game set, who knows what is next?
  14. I am sorry if did not understand the above ebay link. I was referring to the reproduction Magicards that I see on ebay. The nes Stadium Events on ebay right now looks legit. Anyone who can help me please!
  15. I tried your link but it was blocked. The one on ebay is a reproduction, not the real thing.
  16. I know that I am insane, but I am going to offer somebody one heck of a deal. I lurk on this forum, but my user name is the same on the DP forum with over 900 posts and positive feedback from many trades. Lord Thag and Rick Weis can vouch for my honesty. I am down to one Nes game to complete my US Nes game collection...Stadium Events. I am offering up my Magicard for anyone who is willing to trade me straght up cart for cart. I dont want to sell it. If anyone knows of anyone or is willing to take me up on this offer, please contact me on this forum or the DP forum. Thanks, John
  17. I am going over tomorrow to Rick Weis to double check the cart on his atari, and to take pics. I will post the pics hopefully this weekend. I also noticed that a Frankenstein's Monster I picked up has a bizarre label. I will check that one too.
  18. I mostly reside over at DP under the same name, but just wanted to share with you fellow gamers my personal best score in the wild. Yesterday, I went into a local thrift store and found two Data Age Demo carts. one labeled #805 with Journey Escape crossed out, and Secret Agent written! The other one is labeled #137 and is a demo of Bermuda Triangle! I am going to test them with Rick Weis to confirm them, but I just wanted to share with the world my score! here are the pics of the carts! http://videogamecollectors.com/gallery/noi...ofdoom/DSCF0445
  19. Here is what I do know. This cart came from Joe Santulli's personal collection. The proceedes of the auction went to help with the Special Olympics. I am having some trouble finding information on the label variant, as others I have done research on do not have the cover I am showing in the picture. Is there anyone else on this site that can help me out?
  20. I am one lucky person, at Classic Gaming Expo, I scored Magiccard for a mere $100! here is the pic of the game in my collection. I just wanted to share with you atari guys the score of a lifetime. I doubt I will ever see one again! http://videogamecollectors.com/gallery/noi...ofdoom/DSCF0219
  21. I am new to posting to this site but have been collecting for quite some time. As you can see, I mostly reside over at digitpress, but I thought I would share the love of my collection with you nice folk. I am in the process of moving to Washington(Vancouver area), and I have recently boxed up my collection for a long move. I hope to have my new and inproved game room done by December....we will see! here is the link: http://videogamecollectors.com/gallery/Sma...h-lots-of-Games
  22. I have been visiting the site for awhile now but mostly reside over at digitpress(also as swlovinist)due to my collecting focus. I have several classic systems that I need modded from RF to AV out. A buddy of mine who resides over here told me a long term member who can mod these systems at a very reasonable price. I am looking for someone who in the near future(possible 3 months due to my current moving 400 miles north to Vancouver, Washington. Here is what I am looking to mod: Intellivision Atari 7800 Atari 5200 Odyssey 2 Colecovision Bally Astrocade Sega Genesis(s video out) Any info or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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