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  1. Big props to all our homebrew devs and producers, this year’s crop rivals some years of Mattel and Intv.
  2. Such a fun, challenging game, big props to the devs! The gun sound effect is different with intellivoice too
  3. Super Cobra is pretty much identical to Scramble, maybe the levels are slightly different. Probably my favorite original Intellivision 125 game.
  4. Money sent, thanks for doing another run of these,.
  5. I’m interested in a copy if there are any left. FYI: Rev posted a blurb about this game on his newsletter so there may be more people like me who just found out about the new run.
  6. Steve, I’d like to order a Hard Hat if its still left, and also Takeover and Land Battle.
  7. Let me know if the original orders fall through, I’m interested in the games that I don’t have.
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