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  1. Basketball? Shaq did something other than Shaq Fu video game?
  2. Not a problem when you insist on recording your podcast inches apart from each other, completely maskless... 🤔🤔 Texas is open with no mask requirement. Many people have antibodies at this point, and you will see this more and more every week as areas approach herd immunity. I think it will be a bumpy transition back, as some think masks should never have been required, up to some will always want them going forward. POLITICS ALERT—I will now run away from this, and keep my mind on gaming.
  3. Microsurgeon, Demon Attack, Beauty and the Beast. (If not Swords & Serpents, Dracula (Probably need to be Vampire), and Truckin’)
  4. Saw this sweet backpack at Universal. Would be even sweeter to get a woodgrain Intellivision version...
  5. All these are good. The question that occurs to me when thinking about this is “who is going to be viewing this at this time?” If it is still going to be mostly gaming community, then I would save #2 and #5 until closer to launch when more widespread marketing will reach the casual target. If you believe word of mouth on #2 and #5 will spread to the casual market in good amounts from this, then I would not worry about holding back. I just think if the gaming community is pretty much the sole audience at this time, #1 and #3 are more on point right now.
  6. When I was young our first Intellivision broke down, and we ended up getting Sears version as replacement, as there was some promotion where we received a 13” color television very price reduced, the details I cannot remember anymore. At the time I really preferred the look of the original Intellivision, but I did like that the controller cords didn’t recoil pull on you when playing, although they were a little more work to dock the controllers back into the console. Later in life I really appreciated the removable controllers, as I purchased a Classic Game Controller that allowed me to use my original Sears controllers with a Nostalgia emulator on the computer. Felt like playing my original system. All in all I liked both versions for different reasons, but I may break down and buy another original version to have again. I say I am not a collector, just an OG, but I may break my rule for the OG Intellivision.
  7. 4-3-3-4-2-4 tried 3-1-3-3-1-3 owned not a collecter, bought when in production, Dreamcast very close to the end of production though.
  8. I had a set with the silver dollar target that rolled back and forth on the curved ramp. Cars and guns, good combination.
  9. Something in between like the original rendering would be better. Less gloss, and more medium brown. The one on the right looks too caramel, the left a little too dark. Again, I prefer less gloss. But enough nitpicking. Any should be fine.
  10. Just ordered some from their website. Virgils.com (reedsinc.com). Order was confirmed so I hope I get the right stuff, and don’t get bumped to November’s stock, which is ginger beer. I like me some root beer from time to time, and also love nutmeg, so curious to see how they are together (your chocolate is in my peanut butter). For not fancy meal times 1919 root beer on tap fits the bill. Root beer with vanilla based add ins are a safe bet for me also, although I like many types, including maple or honey. Thanks for the recommendation!
  11. I gotta ask...you don’t dig Permanent Vacation????? I’ll never forgot I traded a Motley tape for this 80’s Aerosmith gem. So many huge radio hits, as a kid of the 80’s it’s one of my faves! Glad there is another who loves both DLR and Hagar eras. I have always said even though I love the first run of DLR stuff, the forced change to Sammy allowed VH to have double the successful albums, as the new direction brought new energy. (Don’t mention that Gary Cherone happened). Your list of hair bands was like you broke into my old Roadrunner and stole the CD case. (Yes, aftermarket stereo installed, was the thing to do). I have seen all the bands live listed above, except Great White, of which I was still a fan. Yes, Aerosmith too. Maybe Journey Escape should be remade. I played the 2600 version when I was a kid.
  12. Is this political enough? Can I comment on the factual coverage statistics of media outlets in the Amico thread?
  13. I was hoping I could hook mine up in the family room. Is it possible to get a version that also works in the family room? Oh wait a minute, I see what he did here. It was an extremely clever way to make me not want to buy the system. I’ll probably cancel my orders.
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