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  1. Something in between like the original rendering would be better. Less gloss, and more medium brown. The one on the right looks too caramel, the left a little too dark. Again, I prefer less gloss. But enough nitpicking. Any should be fine.
  2. Just ordered some from their website. Virgils.com (reedsinc.com). Order was confirmed so I hope I get the right stuff, and don’t get bumped to November’s stock, which is ginger beer. I like me some root beer from time to time, and also love nutmeg, so curious to see how they are together (your chocolate is in my peanut butter). For not fancy meal times 1919 root beer on tap fits the bill. Root beer with vanilla based add ins are a safe bet for me also, although I like many types, including maple or honey. Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. I gotta ask...you don’t dig Permanent Vacation????? I’ll never forgot I traded a Motley tape for this 80’s Aerosmith gem. So many huge radio hits, as a kid of the 80’s it’s one of my faves! Glad there is another who loves both DLR and Hagar eras. I have always said even though I love the first run of DLR stuff, the forced change to Sammy allowed VH to have double the successful albums, as the new direction brought new energy. (Don’t mention that Gary Cherone happened). Your list of hair bands was like you broke into my old Roadrunner and stole the CD case. (Yes, aftermarket stereo installed, was the thing to do). I have seen all the bands live listed above, except Great White, of which I was still a fan. Yes, Aerosmith too. Maybe Journey Escape should be remade. I played the 2600 version when I was a kid.
  4. Is this political enough? Can I comment on the factual coverage statistics of media outlets in the Amico thread?
  5. I was hoping I could hook mine up in the family room. Is it possible to get a version that also works in the family room? Oh wait a minute, I see what he did here. It was an extremely clever way to make me not want to buy the system. I’ll probably cancel my orders.
  6. Just curious if Juicero stands for Juice’s ro? I hope it does, as I think you two would hit it off well, you seem to mesh with your thoughts. If not, I think he stated he was married, so in that case stay away from each other. I can’t speak for the company’s strategy, but I do think the Amico is for 4-7 year olds, especially when playing with their family. Well thought out, simple games are best when trying to attract many family members to play. That may mean many titles appear to be simplistic on their face, thereby not intimidating casual gamers to try and join in. I can’t guaranty the Amico will be successful, but I can guaranty I will be buying it (and one for my parents) with many, many games. The observation that the games may appear simple has further led me to be excited for this system and the enjoyment I will be having with family and friends.
  7. Yes, the “casting” with the controller is a given, but imagine what could be done using also the force feedback, speaker, touchscreen etc, I really hope they get a nice fishing game out. I would definitely purchase a fishing title. Multiplayer fishing tournament has large potential in my opinion. Also want to state for the record that I will still be purchasing Amico. The delay is really the “new normal” these days, and has not added any worry to my beliefs it will be released, and will be great family entertainment. This may seem like a weird statement, but I sense some weak efforts by people to cast doubt on the project, and personally want to state I believe the project is strong, and the product will get my vote through my dollars.
  8. Being an Oldfool, I don't usually link these newfangled technologies. I want to try to share the fireworks show that happened last Saturday night on our Animal Crossing island. Pay special attention to the first one after the clock strikes 11:00. The second one has an amico tie in also. The rest are just villagers.
  9. Nailed it. This is exactly how I felt when reading the article. Author either is lazy, or writing a hit piece, and neither is acceptable if there was such a thing as professionalism in their arena.
  10. Most haters do not understand the drive it takes to create and become a successful entrepreneur. People instilled with that drive generally have a powerful positive outlook combined with a talent to identify what inspires people. Their ability to create and transform ideas is one I value highly, as we advance much more quickly with innovation. Tommy is creating a new revision of game entertainment to bring people together. If that is not a brand of gaming you are interested in, it is okay to not want it. To try to derail and destroy something that will really not affect your life, but would deny others pleasure by the same destruction, is rooted in a place of selfishness, ego, and even narcissism, where you believe your opinion carries much more weight and importance. Thank you Tommy for having the drive to create. I pray your perseverance is rewarded. I also hope the haters can find a positive project on which to focus their talents. I know their pursuit of happiness will have better success when they can fight for their passion instead of crusading against their dislikes.
  11. Waiting for an announcement of Playing with Sticks Simulator, but am also excited about the above list. Winners: Cloudy Mountain. I owned both games as a kid, and was fond of both. Liked Cloudy Mountain more, and am more excited for Cloudy Mountain. Biplanes. I owned Armor Battle as a kid, and liked it, but am more excited for Biplanes, even though I did not have Triple Action. Soccer. I had not even thought about Soccer again until this list. Owned both games as a kid, and liked them both a lot. Remember trying to field every ball with the pitcher first, which usually worked. Being reminded of the Soccer warp has me excited again, and broke the tie. Cornhole. Played many bowling games over the years, am excited for Cornhole, no matter how dirty that sounds. Bomb Squad. Loved the original, and I did not have Safecracker, only my friend did. Currently way more excited for Bomb Squad. Evel Knievel. Auto Racing was a family favorite growing up. Bumping someone so they would crash, or at least get you an “ahead” point was a blast. Since we played that so much, I feel it will be hard to replicate. Plus I had some Evel toys too when I was young, and he was so darn reckless to a cool fault. Breakout. I actually was a Circus Atari fan more than breakout, but I always became bored fast with Missle Command. Tried to relive Circus Atari with a Pong Flashback, but it did not control as precisely as original Atari, which ruins the experience. If the controls are right Breakout will be fun. I am quite confident I will own all 14 of these.
  12. I was the one to offer the google definition to illustrate that the current accusation, while technically correct by some known definitions, actually had no real teeth, and therefore was not really damaging. Even PlayStation 5 and new Xbox would fit that definition, so not bad company to be in. Was trying to illustrate the troll weapon was just a cap gun, but what the heck do I know, I am an Oldfool. Excuse me for this last selfish dumping off of my chest: there is another historical component to “vaporware” concerning announcing very early to affect products already in market, thereby feeding the light interpretation that it is all products advertised and not available. Developing software for someone directly is generally a professional services contract, and not a product. Cease and desist requests are generally a request to avoid judicial proceedings, and are not a judgement or victory in themselves. I am not a lawyer, so do not take any of my statements as facts, but I am an Oldfool. I will be returning to The Googles to seek truth. Peace to all, but stay off of my lawn!
  13. yeah, its wrong. .... (16 comments from you and Ive already run out of patience, who in the world had to hear the 24000 other ones) Listen the New Games+ is happening today, Lots of companies are showing trailers of their upcoming games, perhaps you can go on all their forums and yell " vaporware". It seems to be your thing Technically I don’t think Keatah is wrong, if you believe The Googles: va·por·ware /ˈvāpərˌwer/ noun INFORMAL•COMPUTING software or hardware that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it is still being written or designed.
  14. I'm sure they're working on something. I don't know their management details or history that much so I'm not qualified to comment. Thank you for your input and clarification, I have money down, and am always looking for insight. I think you are safe sticking by exactly what you said, as that is just basically the definition of vaporware. The fact that you don’t appear to have strong feelings beyond that help me stick with my decision.
  15. I do not disagree with your statement. The question it leads to is do you feel this current vaporware (none delivered at this point) is a dishonest scheme, or do you just think it is delicious to coyly drop a fact (like Amico is technically vaporware) and then basically troll the people interested? Do you believe Amico is on a path to creation, or more likely is horribly mismanaged or dishonest to the point that it is likely to not be released? Not asking for guarantees, but true feelings at this point.
  16. This is the only thing you said in a long rant that would even resemble a “solution” style suggestion. Everything else was just all “what I don’t like” style feedback, which usually only has value if identifying an egregious violation of something so motivating to literally turn your supporters against you. “2d games only is a good idea.” I am going to say that is too wide encompassing to be a true solution. It’s like if I said “make great games and you will be successful.” My advice is good in concept, but next to worthless as true help. You hate the direction, but have no real clear alternative. At least you can claim you were right if the Amico fails. Since that seems very important to some, I will join in: ”Tommy, make great games that people want to buy, and you will be successful.” If you fail, you will wish you listened to me. I, of course, will not be offering any game systems to the public, but please enjoy that I am correct.
  17. Ahh, yes. I remember the long days with sticks. Good times. If someone came along with a hoop we could roll in the street (okay, more of a dirt trail) you knew you were in for a sweet afternoon.
  18. This would be dead on for me if 7 year olds had jobs. I think getting the machine off the ground in some way, such as having some nostalgic parents buy some of these, and then also offering some experiences you are talking about once there is some momentum, can also have success. There is a risk that it gets stuck in the retro groove and fails. But don’t discount the passion Tommy has for both Intellivision and for multiplayer experiences. His passion is the true fuel for this project, and although it may have some risk to not be able to grow from the retro portion, without that entrepreneurial fuel, I feel it would have even lower chance of success. The nonstop motor he has shown makes me believe he has a good chance to succeed, along with the great team he has with him.
  19. Maybe next time you could loan them a couple of extra JuiceGirls.
  20. I saw someone on Reddit that thought their fan was still working because air was flowing out, but they ended up replacing their fan and it fixed their overheating problem. Obviously no guaranty, but it has happened.
  21. I would like to put a plug in for a game along the lines of Affordable Space Adventures, which was for the Wii U. It was able to use the extra screen in the gameplay, along with cool couch coop where different people had different assignments on the ship. A game where each person has their own unique screen and task for the good of the whole would be a great couch coop. (Sorry about lack of links to any video, I am just an Oldfool).
  22. I started it with my profile, then you can play. For a final test I fired up a game on the primary system first with my profile (Super Mario Odyssey) and then tried to play Super Mario Party on the second system with my profile, and no go. So if person who purchased game is on primary, you can’t play with their profile on secondary. Basically the second system is good if you have multiple copies of games, but dicey if you want to bounce back and forth.
  23. You appear to be correct. To test, I just downloaded Super Mario Party (a title we only have on digital) to the second system and tried to play with my daughters profile. It gave the message “This user cannot play this software. If you have not purchased the software, you can do so from Nintendo eShop.” We basically only use the second system for titles where we own two copies. I also try to have at least one of the copies be a cartridge. I think you can play cartridge games on either, but not sure, as I would have to test one where we only own one copy of the game. I myself am a little frustrated on how to manage two systems, as someone in your family should be able to use a digital copy if it isn’t being used at the time. I will also chime in that I can hardly wait for Amico. I showed my parents a picture of cornhole yesterday, and they thought it looked like fun. I have not told them I am buying them this system they know nothing about, but I know they will like it. Both my parents are upper 70’s, and both have multiple 300 games on Wii bowling. They would want nothing to do with the Switch, but I know they will play Amico with and without their grandkids.
  24. I don’t disagree, as I am in on a FE, and one VIP I intend to give to my parents. Local play usually works okay, and it is pretty cool to each be on your own screen in games, which we have side by side in the basement. Too much money, but since it was incremental (we had the first Switch when it came out) you talk yourself into the insanity, especially with insane shutdown.
  25. Not sure, as we already had family online before we ever got the second Switch. I would think you would need it to share digital.
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