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  1. none of the files are saving correctly on the zx81. i save a new tape, then save the game but they seem to have vanished
  2. CD-I: Barely a games system, Hotel mario 3DO: one of the better ports of star wars rebel assault, Best version of Corpse killer
  3. one day, someone foolish enough to do so, will attempt (emphasis on attempt) to squeeze crysis into 48k of ram on the zx81. to reiterate, take an already beautiful game and strip it of its good looks, use every machine language trick in the book and pray the computer doesn't explode when they type run


    it will either get to the title screen, THEN explode or you'll be out $100. good experiment nonetheless

    1. jd_1138


      It will be a text adventure game.

    2. Halycon275


      either way...BOOM!

  4. how would i go about doing that? making the z machine interpreter i mean
  5. is it considered cheating if i use C or inform?
  6. yeah...sorry about that. i'll change what i can. define half decent btw. i will not use a spectrum, my goal is the zx81
  7. Any tips for getting into star trek? episodes to avoid? best episodes in your opinion?

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    2. MrMaddog


      If you're streaming, then TOS:Remastered & TNG were fixed up for HD and worth watching.  DS9 & Voyager weren't so they don't look so hot on a flatscreen.


      (90's sci-fi shows are like 16-bit games, they only look good on a CRT)

    3. Qix Raiders

      Qix Raiders

      You may find you react differently to each series, so just have fun and enjoy what you like.

      For me Spectre of the Gun is probably my favorite episode because TOS was essentially a space Western and that episode had an old West theme. On the opposite end, The Omega Glory is probably the worst episode and I wish it didn't exist :P

      Love or hate it hope you enjoy going where no one has gone before!

    4. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      That's a difficult question. It's like saying who's your favourite Dr Who  ?

  8. zx81 for now. any tips for me? btw, ql does not work in eightyone? was that ever fixed?
  9. that is impressive, but the idea for me is to keep it minimal. I don't want to exceed a certain limit (in this case 2k or 4k, 8k maximum). If i can avoid unnecessary bloat, then it will work well enough. i know demo's are usually discouraged but i wanted to hear some ideas that i could use, as well as possible shortcuts. I could theoretically fit the game into 1k but that would cause issues that i would rather avoid, chiefly the screen memory running out. If you want i can put the code in a text file and upload it here?
  10. Finally got star wars TPM for my PC. had to torrent it but i got it at last! all these years i thought the ps1 version was superior. well, i was wrong. Recording it will be problematic however as it shuts off the xbox game bar each time i press escape.

  11. so, you are a courageous knight (bear with me) that sets off on a quest to get gold. But here's the kicker, the dragon is not actually evil, the villagers are well aware of your misdeeds (thievery, attempted rape etc) and concoct a story about a helpless woman in an old house barely bigger than a barn. The dragon is jealously protective of it's gold and will kill anyone that comes near. This is my first version so far, my goal is to take what is usually expected of the genre and subvert it. for instance, instead of the dragon killing you in subsequent updates, he haggles you down to 1 gold piece or decides to sue you for trespassing. the human courts allow it and you are sent to prison, or you are forcibly turned into a dragon in turn. What do you guys think. I just need feedback, no rude comments please. dragon killer version 0.TZX
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