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  1. Hi, just wondering if it’s possible to purchase Another World in Rom format now the Game Drive is out. There are loads of cartridge based games I would happily pay for if the owners released Rom versions to download. Cheers .
  2. cheers, that is the bit i am struggling with. Not sure how to do that.. Sorry for being a noob.
  3. Sorry guys and gals. i know this as been covered 10000000s times, but i m having trouble actually getting the steering patch to work ? Iv got a GD from Saint, but when ever i try to run the game it red screens ? Without the patch its fine.. Not sure what to do ?, any help would be amazing thanks.
  4. Hi all. been reading this site for years,, thought id best sign up to actually post.. lol Anyways, my GD came the other day.. Well done SAINT, works a treat..
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