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  1. I have indeed started three posts because I wanted to get plenty of feedback. I will now use this one as the primary. After installing a new RIOT, CPU, and TIA chip plus using a new adapter, still I have a black screen. I traced the video wire from where it starts on the board to the mod board and then to the jack. It read 5.01 up to the mod board and then from the mod board to the jack it dropped down to around 4.50. All in all I’ve put in new caps, chips, voltage regulator, and am using a brand new adapter and still I have no video or audio. I’m pretty much at the point where I’ll just take out all the new stuff I put into the 2600 and either use it for parts or sell it for parts... Here are some more detailed photos of the upgrades I’ve done. Thanks for trying to help.
  2. I just installed new caps today and actually ended up losing the audio. There used to be at least audio but now I have a silent black screen...
  3. Hello there, I modded my 4 switch woody so that it has AV plugs. Everything is wired up correctly as far as I know after studying pictures and schematics. I get audio and no video. I have upgraded the RIOT, CPU, and voltage regulator but still I have the same problem. I made sure to check check and check again that everything was soldered into the correct places. I also made sure there is voltage going from the adapter to the regulator and large capacitor that is near the regulator... The adapter measures at 13.97, the regulator is the same on the left and then on the right leg it is 5.05. (Good) Do you think the problem is the TIA chip? I can’t seem to find one on the web and the other new chips I got were from arcade shop. Thanks for your input if you have any.
  4. I am having exactly the same issue and it seems like you found a fix... did you run the 5v wire from your mod board to the 7508?
  5. So a dirty cart slot may indeed still yet play some games but not others?
  6. I upgraded my 4 switch with an AV mod and the audio works but there’s no video... I double checked that all the solder points were solid and no wires were crossed. I made sure I took out the correct transformers/capacitors/resistors...I read somewhere that amplification might be needed for newer TVs? Can y’all point me in the right direction? Here are some pictures of what I did as far as the mod is concerned.
  7. Here is a picture of the screen of the games that almost work. They all look like this. Other ones such as Mrs. Pac Man show a black screen. Others such as as space invaders work flawlessly!
  8. I nodded my 4 switch with a av mod I found on eBay. The audio works perfectly but there is no video... I went over all of the connections that I soldered and double checked they were solid and in the right places which I think they are... here are some pics. Maybe I did something wrong?
  9. I made sure to push the game cartridges in all the way. Most of them show a black screen except Berzerk which shows crooked lines and a few colors. What is strange is that when I first brought the 6er home the games that’s don't work now did then but only for like 10 minutes.
  10. I recently found a 6er on Craigslist for $35 and swiped it up. I tried a few games on it and a majority of them worked while others didn’t. The ones that didn’t work on the 6er work just fine on my 4 switch... what’s up with that???
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