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  1. Yeah, that could be a nice solution to shut down the TIPI. I'm just going with the NanoPEB, so no worries here.
  2. I originally bought a TIPI because I thought the NanoPEB and C7+ were no longer available. But, I want something that I don't have to worry about shutting down ever time before I power it off. So, the nanopeb is a better option for me.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It gives me something to think about. I'd have to test it, but I thought the NanoPEB draws less than 100mA. Assuming that is true, that doesn't seem like much of a draw to tap off of the internal power supply of the TI. But, perhaps the low overhead coupled with age would push the power supply over it's limits..? @wierd_w I'm only running the speech synth and the NanoPEB on the side car chain. So, it shouldn't be drawing too many amps. I'm still thinking of adding a 5volt jumper to my speech synth and see if it can pass power to the NanoPB (and have it work). Seems like it is hit or miss with people doing that. Something to think about while eating some Turkey tomorrow!
  4. Hi, Long shot, but just checking to see if anyone has a Texas Instruments Color Monitor PHA4100A that they'd be willing to sell to a fellow TI enthusiast and collector. Cheers!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for some information about how to hook a power cable internal to the 99/4A that I can use to power a NanoPEB without the need for an external power supply just for the NanoPEB. Are there any guides for doing this or any info on the best place to "tap" into the power for the 5volts? There is a reference to doing this here by Stuart: Thanks!
  6. Yeah, the Light Sixer that is my main 2600 I use and has been capped and the voltage regulator replaced. The signal from that 2600 is very clean. But, it may need a crystal to work with my current TV. I'm on the hunt for a new TV.
  7. No, I have plastic tools. I come from more of an arcade background. Although, I'm not an expert, I can cap monitors, rejuvenate them, adjust convergence & focus, etc.. Basic tune-up stuff. Because of the time spent restoring arcade machines, I have some of the tools needed for other areas, like adjusting a variable inductor in a Pong. I just wish I had a better understanding of TVs..
  8. Thanks for the link to the TI-99/4A blog. Good read! I had a Pong that was partially disassembled, so I was able to hook it up and adjusted the variable inductor. I was able to adjust it to the point where the TV would produce a color signal. However, turning the Pong off and on made it black and white again. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work the way I want... I might track down some crystals and test on a Pong. But, at that point It'd be easier to get a TV that can handle Atari video signals (like my Panasonic does).
  9. I did a quick check with an old switch box and it didn't seem to change anything. If the demodulator has the ability to select impedance I'm not aware of it.
  10. I'm not using any of the old RF switch boxes, just an RCA to F-type adapter. I'm trying to remember if I tried an old RF switch box. I'm pretty sure I did when I was initial testing this a while back. I was attempting to play pong via the Antenna input and it was B&W. At first I didn't think anything of it. Then I was like, hold on I thought it was supposed to have a color gradient. Then I tested it on my 19" tv and, sure enough the colored background was there. I tried out an old VCR I had and although when I first turn it on I get B&W output, if I go to the VCR menu and exit out I get color on the TV. That works. It's not perfect, but OK. So I picked up the Sony TU-1041U tuner, hoping it would be a better solution. Unfortunately, it wasn't (on this TV). I haven't tried messing with the channels. I can certainly give that a shot and see if anything changes. As far as I know all my Atari stuff is from the US. I have several Nintendo consoles also and some are US and some are from Japan. I don't use the RF on the Nintendo consoles normally, but I have tried them using the RF output just to see what happens. I can try retesting those with RF to verify if they produce the same result as the Atari consoles. Yeah, I was/am pretty perplexed too. When this TV didn't get color via it's RF input, I just figured it was a bit newer than the 80's TVs and the tolerance for syncing to a channel was tighter or something. But, even having issues with a signal converted to composite is a new one to me. Now that I know a little more about the issue I can try some other things (like a Amplifier) and see if anything helps.
  11. I have not tried an amplifier. I guess I could give it shot and see what happens. Thanks for the link. That's discouraging, but at least I can still use my VCR. I guess I'll keep an eye out for a different TV... Appreciate the help!
  12. I just did a check and using the Sony TU-1041U hooked to my 19" Panasonic composite input and it seems to work just great. But, still the same issue with my 36" Sony. So, perhaps it is a color burst frequency sync issue. I just tried on the front input, so I'll try using the ones on the back and see if that changes anything. It is odd that every other composite device (ie. NES) work just fine. Assuming it is a color burst frequency sync issue, is there anyway to make it better (replacing capacitors or some adjustment or.. )?
  13. Yes and no. Using my TVs RF input, it is unable to get a color signal. Using any non-RF input doesn't seem to have an issue. Using the Sony TU-1041U RF Demodulator/tuner it produces a B&W signal via its composite output. But, I can use a fine tuning adjustment to get color. I'll try using the Sony TU-1041U on a different TV and see if the TV is causing some issue.
  14. I have a several: Atari 2600 Light Sixer is my main one. But, I also have a Heavy Sixer, 4 switch woody, Vader and a Jr. Atati 5200 (4 port and 2 port) Atari 7800 Atari Pong (6 different versions) Atari Pinball Colecovision For grins I've also tried my NES and SNES using their RF out. I have a 19" Panasonic TV in my garage that I use for testing and they all work just fine on the RF input on that. Not to muddy the water, but I also have a portable TV with a 5" crt screen and I have to use its "fine tuning" feature to get color like the Sony TU-1041U. Anything you might suggest I try to help eliminate potential problems?
  15. Hi, I've been running my RF consoles through a VCR to my CRT TV as my TV will not sync well enough and will only display Black & White for all my consoles. I recently picked up a Sony TU-1041U RF Demodulator/tuner. Using the "fine" tuning feature I am able to get it to produce color, but without messing with it, it always shows black and white. So, every time I turn a console on/off or switch consoles I have to fine tune every time. I read through the manual, but I don't see anyway to retain that "fine" tuned setting. Is there a way to save the setting or some way to "dial in the default" in some way (like opening the case and adjusting a pot or something)? Or is that just how it is or, possibly, the one I have isn't working right? Thanks!
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