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  1. Man, you should have said "No man, that will not work". Now I must but multiple consoles for the house... haha LOL. Oh well
  2. Ah yes, sorry. I meant brand new to the world like Cornhole and Earthworm Jim 4. I'm excited for all, but I'm trying to filter the list in my head.
  3. Deal! I will gladly pick up my wood grain VIP and report the bugs. Heck I'm happy with cyberpunk on pc... #KeanusFloatingCigarette
  4. Preach brother! This is my biggest excitement. It doesn't matter really with the graphics and how many A's the title's grade is - just "can multiple people in the same room sit down and have some fun... if only for 30 min?". Couch co-op and LAN parties always seemed so special to me and now they are pretty much annihilated. One example is back in the early 00's I met up with some co-workers at one apartment, we all brought our gaming pc's, and played the 'storm the beach' multiplayer DEMO of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It was amazing and free! I haven't brought any pc anywhere in 15 years except for moving to a new place? Where did that go? Also in my college years Halo on original X-box came out and I had co-workers and friends from various jobs (post and present), hosted different Halo parties at their 2-bedroom apartments to play a couple of linked x-boxes (mostly Blood gulch level with capture the flag). That was such a great experience and definitely brought people together that otherwise would never have. The sad truth about Halo now is that since the Master Chief collection came out it is the only version that people play (it is very nice), but it is mostly played on PC. I had an extra PC, set it up in the living connected to the TV, bought an extra Xbox One wireless controller to sync to the PC, just to find out they REMOVED split-screen couch co-op! I just assumed it would be there and totally wasn't. Co-op is available online, but nobody wants to play with me haha. I guess that is just something lost in time. #AmicoYouAreCo-OpsOnlyHope!
  5. I guess my hope if that it will be a smoother trade from system to system than the Nintendo Switch to Switch lite. For that I had all my games on the main Switch and I was hoping to play the Lite on the road, make progress on the games, and then resume on from the normal Switch when home. There were a lot of incompatibilities due to anti-piracy so I basically shelved the Switch lite and only play the original. I'm sure the Amico will flow a lot better than that. My follow-up though would be this: If I had one system in living room with a non-pack-in game, brought one of those controllers to the gaming room system, tapped the system, started playing that controller and one of the gaming room controllers, then could someone in the living room still play something else like cornhole single-player with the remaining controller? In a way since the games are so affordable it may make more sense to just buy the games on both systems with different accounts?
  6. Tommy, Another random question... Say I have 2 amicos in the house (one in game room and one in living room). Would I be able to juggle a game purchased between the 2? The scenario is I would have an Amico in living room primarily to play socially, but when someone is watching a movie in the living room and I wanna play solo but don't wanna move the system I would take the controller from the living room system (where I purchased the games), to the game room system? Sorry if you answered this before I just keep eyeing the purple one and wanna justify a second LOL
  7. Tommy, At this point how many new, original I.P.'s in production from the Amico? These are what I know of so far. Also of these which do you plan on being finished on launch? Sesame Workshop Hot Wheels Telestrations Blank Slate Incan Gold/Diamant Intellivision Monster Spades Liar’s Dice Space Strike Intellivision ACL Cornhole Nitro Derby EWJ 4
  8. I think the big strategy is aiming for the parents to buy for the family due to the S.A.F.E. model. I think kids will naturally gravitate to the heavily marketed big 3.
  9. Guys is it ok to brag again?! Tommy made me but a Tandy vision and it's fricken nice! Games included in sale from eBay for $70 (All together). I got a nice deal! One thing to note with these systems is rubbing the cart chip with rubbing alcohol and q-tips is required, BUT I had to get a cart chip with a bunch of alcohol, insert into the system about 10 times, and then clean the cart again. This removed decades oh tar from the socket 😂😂🤲
  10. That's an amazing haul. I would recommend a Tandy vision off eBay. I just bought one with some games included ($70 all together with shipping).
  11. Thought about the Amico... What console generation is it closest to? 32, 64, 128 bit? If you time traveled with it what system era would it fit in closely to?
  12. Playing some Intellivision recently for the first time in 20+ years I came across a couple of thoughts. - how did they achieve those deep and vibrant sounds in games the bomb drop in he-man or the pepper spray in burger time? No other systems sound like that. Will the Amico be similar? -what is going on with maze a tron? #drugs -has anyone here fixed a left controller drifting to the right on an Intellivision II? I ordered a tandy vision as a main system, but should I consider fixing the II?
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