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  1. Hi all, I'm currently installing Tim Worthington's RGB2600 mod (link: http://etim.net.au/2600rgb/) on my Heavy Sixer. I'm at the stage where you replace the voltage regulator with the switching power supply module. Unfortunately, the pictures given by Tim in the installation guide differ from my model. The first three pictures are my model, the fourth picture Tim's board and the fifth picture is how he installed the switch. Does anyone know how to go about installing this? Can I get away with removing the shield outright or is it necessary? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking to design box art for the Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Multi-Cart. Would anyone happen to have a template of the Atari 5200 Box art? Looking for something akin to what is below but for 5200.
  3. Hi Simius, Put me down for one please. Thanks for all the hard work.
  4. Hi everyone, Newbie on the boards here (my first post actually), so sorry in advance if this question is dumb or if I'm posting in the wrong spot. I recently picked up a heavy sixer along with a few games. Most of them work, but I'm having trouble with one. More specifically, my copies of Centipede, E.T, River Raid and Space Invaders all work, but my copy of Yar's Revenge is causing problems. When I turn on the console, I get a mostly black screen with a few colored vertical bars on the left side of the screen. I cleaned the cartridge (cotton swab with 99% ISO) to no avail. I also tried adjusting the color POT (as the color was off on the other games anyways); now it sometimes boots to an orange screen with vertical blue bars on each side, sometimes it's static, sometimes its the black screen with the colored bar on the right side. I also tried jiggling the cart around and starting it with the cart at different depths but nothing has worked. Do I have a bad cart or is there something wrong with the console? Thanks in advance
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