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  1. @jgkspsx thx for posting ... bought it.. arrived super quick.. really great 🥳
  2. Awesome, thanks for checking and sending the photos.. I didn't know if they were fake or not.. basically because I had never seen carts with exposed resistors, capacitors etc. Thanks again!
  3. Some more photos, including the labels. And a comparison of my other Bit Corp carts. Mission & Squirrel -> I bought separately. Seem legit. Postman & Open Sesame -> From same purchase batch and have the exposed electronics. Any ideas? As I have never seen carts like the two on the right?
  4. I recently bought the Bit Corp cart in the photos, it works fine but has these strange exposed electronics. Any ideas what this is? Assume its a fake? As its also very clean, and the label looks brand new! And if so what are those components e.g.c458 and how was this cart made?
  5. @DoctorSpuds So glad I found this post, as I was scratching my head about how the repro etsy version looked so similar to eBay/AtariAge versions.... Thx for posting! guess etsy is a bit lax?? as they are still advertised.. see below current etsy "atari4you" advertised version.. all blurry and still selling them:- current eBay equivalent
  6. Just ordered ny Encore microSD! Thanks @batari
  7. I meant the slightly smaller Activision PAL (marked as International Edition) versions. e.g. like Kaboom in the photo.. which clearly doesn't fit snuggly in the normal size protector
  8. thx for looking all that up.. 5 a year is not many.. I think its rare-ish in terms of CIB on eBay.. its a 5 in the DB.... however I don't think its $450 rare though?
  9. Someone is currently selling a CIB copy for $450 on eBay... This seems very steep to me. Or is it that rare? Anyone think this is a fair price? BTW: This is one of the last 3 parker games that I don't have.. obviously Qubes & Castle being the other 2.
  10. i have only seen them on ebay... both direct and resellers all over the place.. theres a very nice chap here-> https://www.ebay.com/usr/babel_vintage however the lockdown and challenges with flights from Venzuela make shipping a big big big challenge... not to mention customs etc
  11. Does anyone know where I can get Activision International Edition box protectors from? e.g. the smaller Activision box versions
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