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  1. Hi Jon Xram ? Where? as to the problem - I put the U1MB in my 65XE, and that and the Side2 were magnificent. Unfortunately, the power LED doesn't work on that machine, and I neglected to power the machine down before I removed the Side2. Now, the Side2 mostly works - but the real problem comes in when I operate spartados X - from the U1MB. I have the settings to use the 1024 Rambo handler for the ram disk, but after awhile I type "DIR", and get a ton of "symbol undefined" errors. I noticed that when I use a different handler for the U1MB ram - say, the 256 or 320k handlers, I don't see the problem. Or haven't since. My working theory is that the side2 insertion/removal with power on did something to the memory that spartados is bankswitching. But I could just be totally full of beans, too. So - my first step is to "formally" test the extended ram. I'll hunt around for XRAM. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Trying to track an issue. Diagnostics for U1MB, anyone? thanks Steve
  3. I'd love to see a screenshot of DT80 working with Sophia2. If anyone has the combo.. thanks!
  4. Going to need some drivers too. I assume that access will be via CP/M ? SWP at one point enabled the co-power to be used as a ramdisk under CP/M.
  5. One of the easiest and most impactful mods I've done. Is there a way to reduce the black border? (Using dvi out) thanks!
  6. Long shot, but.. I'm attempting to make some changes to the ATR8000 bios. My starting point is the ATR8000 bios (attached), which offers no real changes but is meant as an exercise in rebuilding the BIOS before I start making the real changes. The process I'm following is to first generate a custom CP/M using configure -14 and write the tracks to disk, then boot from that disk. We find that the BIOS starts at DA00h following the configuration. Then, I org the BIOS source at C400h, and compile using SLR180/hf to produce a hex file and a listing. And that's where the fun begins. When I compare the compiled bios to what should be the running bios, I see that the running bios matches, and then all of a sudden, we see the compilation listing: 238 ; 239 ; 240 ; 241 ; ... cold boot entry point ... 242 ; 243 DA59 BOOT: 244 DA59 2A F019 LD HL,(MONITOR+24+1) 245 DA5C 22 F7EB LD (REINIT+1),HL ;set address for console re-init 246 DA5F 21 F7EA LD HL,REINIT ;patch new address in monitor vector 247 DA62 22 F019 LD (MONITOR+24+1),HL 248 249 DA65 21 DA83 LD HL,BOOTAB 250 DA68 CD DB08 CALL MOVE ;store constants from boot init table 251 252 DA6B 01 0DA3 LD BC,10100011B OR (13 SHL 253 DA6C IBAUD EQU $-2 ;initial baudrate for rs232 port 254 DA6E CD F70C CALL OVRLAY+12 ;go program rs232 port 255 256 DA71 21 F880 LD HL,DIRBUF 257 DA74 CD DF48 CALL PMSG ;display signon message in temp buffer 258 259 DA77 21 DB16 LD HL,DUMMY 260 DA7A 22 DA01 LD (CBIOS+1),HL ;close the door on the way out 261 DA7D 21 C400 LD HL,CCP 262 DA80 E5 PUSH HL ;put ccp entry address onto stach 263 DA81 18 5B JR GOCPM 264 ; However, the running bios matches up to DA6E, but then seems to do something quite different. DA71 96 SUB M DA72 F3 DI DA73 86 ADD M DA74 F3 DI DA75 312E9A LXI SP,9A2E DA78 F202F3 JP F302 DA7B 00 NOP DA7C 00 NOP DA7D EDF7 ??=EDF7 DA7F 19 DAD D DA80 F1 POP PSW DA81 21DF00 LXI H,00DF DA84 FD ??=FD DA85 0C INR C DA86 DF RST 3 DA87 86 ADD M DA88 DE8D SBI 8D DA8A DD ??=DD DA8B 51 MOV D,C DA8C DA00FD JC FD00 DA8F 3B DCX SP So, to make a long story short, if you have an ATR8000 bios (4-84), I'd love to see it to compare with the attached. And if you were an ATR8000 owner with a hard-disk, I'd *really* love to see the bios. thanks!! Steve ABIOS.z80
  7. I can vouch for the cable from 8bit classics - good heavy duty quality cable.
  8. Ooh la la - company name/contact? thanks, Steve
  9. However... as a current ATR8000 owner, it's devilishly hard to get floppy drives. Sure, you can get a used one from EBay (I did), but they're frightfully expensive. Also, no one has mentioned it, but there was once a hard-drive interface for the ATR as well. That would be welcome!! Getting a hard disk for that vintage might be hard (no pun intended) too.
  10. confused. after seeing all the traffic here about people using their side3 devices, I thought i'd give it another try - since it's not yet working on my U1MB machines (Jon, not complaining, I understand software development..) on my non-U1MB 800xl. Boot shows Side3 Driver v.4.0 (c)2020 fjc 2.0.1: sdhc sl64g v.8.0 When spartados starts, I see Spartados x 4.49e 4-09-2020 (copyright) When I try to load the td line (car:td) , I get Symbol I_GETTD 154 Symbol not defined I feel like I'm missing something obvious. ideas folks? Steve
  11. I've heard rumors of ATR8000 users with 1.44MB floppies (3.5 inch) that were working. Any confirmations? If so, what's the max capacity you're seeing? thanks! Steve (now with a 3-gotek/FF ATR8000 system up and running!)
  12. The fact that you were able to boot a mydos image suggests that the disk controller is good. Could you do that multiple times? And it's a 64k ATR8000, right? Your autoterm doesn't need RS232 jumpers set - that's only if you're using a dumb terminal. And your hxc is using flashfloppy? Steve
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