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  1. I WLL NOT SHIP, no debate please I will deliver for free up to 100 Miles from Houston 77009 zip code. Offered for sale (before I toss it on eBay) Location : Houston, Tx Price: 300$ USD, Negotiable Offering 1x Commodore 64, fully working and tested 1x Commodore model 1541 Floppy drive, cleaned heads and no issues with it. 1x Commodore Model 1702 Colour & Sound Monitor, fully functional 1x Atari type Joystick 2x paddle style Joysticks 1x set of Business Software manuals with diskettes (see photo) 1x box with approx 50-60 diskettes with bunch of games, utilities etc. ( I have tested about 20 of them an non where bad) 1x brand new Keelog PSU (worth 65$ alone). 1x Cable Computer/Drive] 1x Cable Computer to Monitor supporting sound as well. contact me privately to purchase, or ask package related questions below. thank you for looking Pictures can be viewed from my google drive : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TORhx3x-VMW476qs_YfpdQB-dKRXfMYw?usp=sharing
  2. I use emulation when I have to make images for gotek and such and test them out, faster that way, but when I use the TRS-80 I am more focused on what I am doing because well no extra pretty monitor, internet, Facebooks, discord etc. to distract me
  3. Model 1, 3 and 4, 4d, 4p have common issues, like keyboards and PSU issues, nothing out of the ordinary for a 40 year old computer (same issue creep up on other older computers likes IBM and Kaypro's). Unfortunately, there "is not" a centralized "here are tech notes to consider when you have this or that issue." That requires a lot of work to put on a web page. (I have done one for a WV Sirocco in the past and after 325 Tech notes I gave it up because it was just so much work, and money to keep up). What Most people under the age of 40, have a problem with is not "fixing the issue", but the basic electronics knowledge has been loosing ground with the "tablet and iphone generation". They never seen or use a soldering iron or even a multimeter, a by product of the "replace this bad video card with this one modular pc world practices". TRS-80 computers (and to a certain degree all other Vintage computers) even between models are not necessarily using the same standards in some cases, so each machine is very unique (as a model) compared to the rest of the products (i.e. a Model 1 does not have same issues and problems nor are they fixed the same way as a Model 3 would be), so each model is a "cannon of information for its own model" Then add all aftermarkets that erupted in the 80 and 90's and that adds another layers of confusion, and lastly, even properly diagnosed, the components, 40 years old themselves, no longer being produced are slowly forcing everyone that finds a used source to begin a "hoarding mentality", even myself found myself to order eight chips when only need one, because it took me two hours to track them down on the internet. Is vintage for the faint of heart? no, will it even be a "competitively price market"? no. Should younger folks get themselves, if lucky, a "given, free or low priced" system and try to fix it, Absolutely. a broken computers of 30-40 years will teach a great many things new technology cannot when it comes to "repairing one" patience, practice and troubleshooting techniques that will last a life time... Should all this be better organized? some are, the Commodore and Amiga communities have massive following and organise folks all the time. The TRS-80 (model 1-3-4-2-11-16-6000 business units computers) World, is, somehow, for a reason or another, and this is my personal opinion, far more a hobby from ex employees, engineers and programmers that restore some machines for the "fun of nostalgia" rather than like the TRS-80 COCO's computer family, for example that like the Atari's of the world, have new products being produced for it in large quantities and low prices for all to enjoy. A lot of all this has that the M1-6000 have limitations for expansions capabilities, and therefore cost more to "upgrade" I hope I answered your question
  4. Another Card discovered and I am searching for the manual for it, it is an "APPARAT Model III Disk Controller" by the looks on it, the 50 empty pin and the long line of possible jumpers, it could be configured to not only work for 5.25 in. floppies but possibly directly control 8 in. drives as well, alas until I find a manual this is unconfirmed. Did anyone get this manual in their collection? let me know thank you. a pdf is more than sufficient but if you want to sell the book let me know what you want for it. thank you. Une autre carte a été découverte et je cherche le manuel pour elle, c'est un "contrôleur de disque APPARAT modèle III" par son apparence, les 50 broches vides et la longue ligne de cavaliers possibles, elle pourrait être configurée pour non seulement fonctionner pour Les disquettes 5.25 po. et y contrôlent peut-être aussi directement les lecteurs 8 po., hélas jusqu'à ce que je trouve un manuel, cela n'est pas confirmé. Quelqu'un at-il eu ce manuel dans sa collection? laissez-moi savoir merci. un pdf est plus que suffisant mais si vous souhaitez vendre le livre, faites-moi savoir ce que vous en voulez. Merci.
  5. well I was thinking more close up than that commercial eBay image, maybe even call out to the community and see what they have built for everyone to use as ideas or concepts, digging out projects out from darkness and maybe use the calendar to "promote" the people behind the hardware ? just thinking out loud...
  6. I use TRS80GP personally its better and still being updated emulates model 1,3,4,4p,2,16,6000 runs on pc and mac
  7. you can grab Hamurabi (only one M) at https://willus.com/trs80/?q=Hamurabi
  8. nope, aside opening dmk/dsk with trstool click on file and properties it will tell you the format of the disk but not really.
  9. There is no "driver" needed for the the Model 3 can access the drive in LDOS (assuming your using that OS) as I mentioned previously you need to set it as sysgen or you will have to redo the input each time you reboot. try to boot from LDOS type: SYSTEM (DRIVE=2,ENABLE) type: SYSTEM (DRIVE=3,ENABLE) then try: DIR 2 If that fixes the problem then set the boot dos to always enable external drives on startup. SYSTEM (SYSGEN, ON)
  10. I am looking for the Manual for the Holmes Engineering DX-3D Floppy Controller (see in Image below) please PM or email me directly the manual at [email protected], I found a portion in a sale booklet with its options. but looking for User/Service Manual asap. I would appreciate this very much!
  11. HxC Software mulator from https://hxc2001.com/download/floppy_drive_emulator/index.html can convert from DMK or DSK (JV1) but why would you want JV1 (model 1 format) for you model 3? Get the Beta version they fix a bug I think on the DMK, DSK (Jv1/JV3) > HFE format (format Gotek needs) Now if your looking for DSK/HFE format images to use on your gotek for your model 3, you can always check: https://willus.com/trs80/ or http://cpm.jenandcal.familyds.org/trs80.php
  12. I suggest more accessories for next year... nice close up of FREHD, Gotek etc printers even maybe.
  13. well hate to point the obvious, but your NOT plugged into the external drive port on your computer, the one with the arrows in your picture below is where it should be connected to. try it there and try again, and do connect it only when the computer is turned off
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