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  1. here you go all the Tandy 1800HD setup files can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uZjKbnbSXW03DXblXJNUWQb-VbpuuXYK/view?usp=sharing
  2. For quite some time I have been wanting to create a TRS-80 just for me. So I started with a TRS-80 Model 3 case skin set - Repainted shiny Black - Installed a Model 4 TRS-80 Motherboard, FDC and RS232C - 128 Kb of Ram (to be upgraded later to 384K) - Installed a"Langley St-Claire" Green CRT - Two half-height floppy drives "JU455" (360k) from Panasonic with full faceplates - changed as many keys on the keyboard to be as black as possible Starting to look like this: But continuing on the "Black and Green Theme", I started adding Green LEDs under the keyboard Other things still to be done or considered: - Green LEf Lighting of the underside of the case - High-resolution Graphics card - Matching External FREHD + Gotek unit - Two Speakers of 3 Watts, and Amplifier mounted internally with earplug jack and volume control. (Possibly) Orchestra 90 Music Card (Possibly) TTKL to VGA Video card with external connector to plug in VGA Monitor. more to come...
  3. Tested and reviewed a new game for Models 1,3,4 check it out... https://texastandy.blogspot.com/2021/03/roundup-latest-trs-80-model-1-3-4.html
  4. I think if a "archive" is to be done it should be in separate blocks, i.e. Model 1, and Model 3 and model 4/4D/4P, this would make each archive a little easier to handle. yes I know some programs work in multiple categories but the original program would be in the right category i.e.: a model 1 program in a model 1 archive not in a model 4 archive. I have started this process on my own, just to make sens of the many archived files, there are so many repetitions of software that often half of them dont even work properly, weeding old badly built DMK's and DSK's and retrofitting the rest into bootable/not bootable, 180K, 360K, 720K , self Booting etc.. I have already downloaded all the TRS-80 files on cpmarchives, and other locations, I had not put any effort in Willus because at 15,000 files.. and sit contains o many repeats, I figure I would fix the pile I already have on had before adding to the fire. I am arranging right now about 14,000 files (1.2GB) to "separate" into manageable "categories" such a OS, Games, etc. and I am only handling Model 3 and 4 stuff at this point, simply because I have to verify each file for functionality. I test them in TRS80GP, then on a Gotek Drive and finally to a Floppy Diskette, each time for functionality. I end up with DSK/DMK and HFE files ready for use and copiable to diskette by any TRS-80 with a Gotek and a Floppy Drive using Copycat. If your looking for Model 3 or 4 software, ask me I probably am working on it or can make it happen very quickly Also side projects related to this, are TRS-80 Based Magazine I have been collecting in the PDF formats of a great many worlds wide including newgroups and newsletters so far I have the complete collections of 80 microcomputing, 80-Micro, 80-US, TRS-80 User Journal, Bits and Bytes, Byte bandit club, codeworks, Computer News, H&E Computronics, , kilobaud, Micro-80, and that is just to name a few. as I stand right now I have over 882 Magazine in PDF format (18GB) Also been working on my TRS-80 Books and Manuals, from "how to use Basic, to service manuals, about 1770 Manuals (10GB) on hand.
  5. As requested, please find part 1 of a few videos on "How to paint a TRS-80 Case" enjoy! https://youtu.be/CGX75Y-SN1U
  6. 2 things I saw 1. Percomn box, is that a drive ? 2. whats in the TRS-80 Box
  7. I have acquired from eBay an Old OS for the Model 3 from cosmopolitan electronics that brought you Multidos; ZDOS v1.0 MODEL III - downloadable link to DMK/HFE and scanned manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jfyvhW9P9wdPtVnp_adwqUeykLs_aqVf/view?usp=sharing
  8. yeah I do that as well copy paste into a test file, rename it as .bas then after I slap it into a blank formatted DSK file and test it on the emulator for errors, I convert to HFE and move it to a Gotek to run it on a real trs-80
  9. did you test if it was a power issue or a chip issue ? the first is a easy repair, the second is a chip replacement at about 25$. I know one source for refurbished FDC but its in Australia you could ask Jay by emailing jay @ [email protected], he sells components and is on the west coast of USA, tell him TTR sent ya, he might have some for sale.
  10. First time was in 1983 when my father brought it home. He was a school principal and he had ordered 20 student computers, network 3 and a Model III to control it all. I spend a lot of that summer of 83 at the school working with my father to configure this system for the next year elementary kids could enjoy. A great experience, and 2 years later I was Graduating as a Computer Network Administrator (CNA) and been in the industry ever since. I stopped owning TRS-80 model 3 an 4's in 1997, then returned to my roots in 2018 when My wife suggested I got a "hobby", got to love a Geeky woman that understands...
  11. would it not be cheaper to get a gotek, plug 5v from an iphone cable to it, plugs 24 pins cable to external FDD port and then use Copycat (in HFE format for gotek to run it) and then copy what ever HFE file you want to floppy disk on your TRS-80... i.e. drive :2 to drive :0 it is what I do all the time... faster than pulling an old pc to make a floppy for your trs-80 IMHO
  12. Congrats on the score, now to restore it and enjoy it
  13. correct, model 4 upgrade kits where available to model 3 owners, which this is one of those systems, why its gray. this system has 128K in it, Updated FREHD Autoboot Eeprom, 2x360K drives , st-clair amber screen, internal sound (2w amp/speaker) with volume control at the back, and updated rat tail to modern power connector/cable. And yes I took out the cassette port out for this for the simple reason, it has the FREHD EEPROM chip in it, this removed the cassette abilities to auto boot sd-harddrive. how the sound is
  14. To you both, I think your expecting a restored computer image and I will provide you one I did before (see below), as this skin (above) set if for a client that brought me "cores" aka his used skins, for his restoration. prep work varies a little, but on average, full sanding cleaning and primer (3 coats) will take 2-3 days, depends on temperature an humidity of the surrounding air. then I wait 1 hours between each coat of paint x3, then cure for 48 hours. then final polishing happens. on average since this is a Hobby no a job, say 4-5 days.
  15. I wanted to show you all that with a little patience, a lot of elbow grease and cleaning, standing, priming wet sanding, and painting that you can restore the worst skinned computer to its original glory with the right paint. BEFORE AFTER
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