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  1. Thank you, for the new Version of Sabre. Speed and Music are now ok, but the sprite collision is still not detected. I tested it on my 80column System (TI99 with EVPC).
  2. another tip: copy the SQISAV file to the different parts, e.g. DSK7 Part2 and DSK8 as Part3. So you may save your entry point to the correct scenes and start it there correctly. In the last scene (the escape pod) using the right words in the right order it works perfectly although the time limit is short... I just managed it using an original TI Hardware with RamdDIsk.
  3. You only need a TI-99/4A, 32k and a TI-PIO (or Centronics). If you have another PIO (Myarc, Corcomp?), I may modify the software. But I need to know which CRU adress and Cru Bits are used to select the 8Bit port for input.
  4. For those interested using a TI-99/4A as a logic analyser, we (TI User Club Mannheim) developed a 16Bit Logic Analyser for the TI in the early 90`s. It uses a special hardware with a 16-Bit port and of course a 16Bit 32K Memory. But the hardware is no longer avaiable, so I thought about using only a TI-PIO as an 8-Bit port. During the last weeks I rewrote the basic routines to support the TI-Pio and modified the measurement routines to 8-Bit only. So have look to the "TI-Spy" an doing some measurements with a "trigger" to start the measurement:
  5. Teletext, was a project from me in the early 90`s. On the picture from Quadrunner you see a Teletext-Converter of me. The Converter needs a Video-Signal from a TV (or satellite receiver), a TI with 32k and a RS232 to connect it to the TI. The hardware I developed was much easier than the TI Teletex version, cause it uses only a SA5246 teletext decoder which is controlled by the I2C Bus and a level converter (5V to 12V). The software (written in C99) controls the converter, loads till to 4 pages equally (and subpages), shows the pages using a teletext characterset, and save it to disk or dump it to a printer. Depending on your hardware it may load 16-512 pages in memory (using a 512k GRAM card oder 192k-VRAM). Using a 80-column graphic card shows you two pages on screen, so you may read the pages in memory in one window and in the other window it searches the new pages. Another program uses a script file to save selected pages automaticly on disk. It supports a IR controlling to start your receiver and to change TV programs. So it was possible to get a daily weather report, stock exchange data, cooking recipes, etc.
  6. MBX Joystick ========= About 2002 I got a MBX expansion system without joysticks. Luckily a friend of me had an MBX joystick and gave it to me for analysing. So I learned to understand the functions of the pins and made it possible to modify a PC analog joysticks to a MBX. On the picture above from Flottman1 you see my first prototyp. The second one is a Saitek analog joystick (it costs only 9 Euro). Last week I modified a game pad, not only for MBX also for 2 TI-Joysticks. The MBX-Joystick uses 3 potentiometers for the direction of X, Y, and Z. In the MBX-System the different voltage is compared with an analog to digital converter. The four function keys use the same principle. Pressing one (or more) of them selects one of the 4 resistors to get a different voltage. MBX sheme: 9 pin SUB-D (all resistors KOhm) 1)---(GND)-----------*--------------------------------------- ! 2)---(+5V)-----------!---*-----------------*----*------------ +-+ ! ! ! 3)---(X-axis )-----%!5! ! ! ! +-+ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +---+ +-----+ ! ! +--! 2,0 !----+ ! ! +-----+ ! ! ! ! ! ! +-----+ _ ! 4)---(keys)------------------*--!18,6 !----/ ---* Trigger ! +-----+ ! ! ! ! +-----+ _ ! *--! 3,8 !----/ ---* Left ! +-----+ ! ! ! ! +-----+ _ ! *--! 7,8 !----/ ---* Center ! +-----+ ! ! ! ! +-----+ _ ! *--! 1,6 !----/ ---* Right (-) +-----+ 5) not used ! +-+ 6)---(Y-axis )------%!5! +-+ 7) not used ! (+) (-) ! +-+ 8)---(Z-axis )------%!5! +-+ 9) not used ! (+) Please note: For the keys, I use adjustable 20K resistors (cause I didn't open the original MBX joystick to get the correct resistance, in cause of damage). Using adjustable resistors may it possible to trim the keys perfectly. One prototyp joystick uses a potentiometer with 150KOhm, this works well too. Software: I use the MBX-Test-Tool from Barry Boone (ftp://ftp.whtech.com/). This helps to trim the function keys excellent. Now you will see the modified Game Pad playing Baseball wit the MBX-System and playing RISK, two players with TI-Joysticks...
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