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  1. Nice Page!!! I will add it to my bookmark resource links Thx!! .... I physically have two of the original Basic XE OSS manuals, Cart and Ext. Disk (purchased in 1985). Unfortunately, I don't see any mention in this page of Basic XE 4.2 unless I missed something.
  2. Good to know, Thx! so Draco030's ARC file (extracted) should work in Altirra no prob blem mo!
  3. Yes, that would be the proper fix. From reading this thread Drac030 actually dove into the dumps and determined the difference between 4.1 and 4.2 extension pointers. Hence, He really knows what he's doing!!! I'm currently just trying to get to run in Altirra. I know I'm off thread here as this is SIDE3 but Draco030 was the only person (in all the threads, i searched) that has stated he got Basic XE 4.2 extensions to actually load and run lol. Fun stuff!! Love it!! So I'm hoping I can get it to work as well , there is no documentation on 4.2 anywhere from OSS so they must of just patched the existing functionality. I wish Bill Wilkinson (he wrote BASIC XE) could shed some light on this..
  4. Thank you for confirming that!... I got that impression trying find and get Basic XE 4.2 to load properly. I even found an XEP80 fix for Basic XE that I was not able to get to work in Altirra, wish I could, that would be fun! I got it to run but it would not display 80 just 40 (the screen did turn black&white) another try the screen would be all black and I could only hear the key click.
  5. There is a hacked Basic XE 7.2 but from what I found out..... it's a repacked version of 4.2 and the extensions file need to be renamed from BASICXE.OSS to BASICXE.EXT before it will properly load.. I haven't tried it yet. ---- info --- BASIC XE 7.2 On the Internet (eg here ) you can find module images labeled "BASIC XE 7.2". It is BASIC XE 4.2 with an amateur initial menu, allowing you to decide whether the extension file should be loaded from a floppy disk or tape recorder, or not to load it at all. We make the decision by pressing one of the console buttons: START, SELECT or OPTION. An additional difference is that this version expects an extension file named BASICXE.EXT instead of BASICXE.OSS. In addition - due to insufficient space - the information about the publisher (ie "(C) 1986 OSS, Inc") --- end --- The 7.2 was on www.atariwiki.org but the site has been down for awhile (Is it coming back?????) Is there a sister site in Poland or something?
  6. Awesome! Thx.... Damn I wanna go home now and tinker with it (stuck at work).
  7. I thought I tried that.. I will try it again tonight thx!!! I was trying everything... I even renamed it to .atr maybe thats what I tried to open Altirra. If not, you guys gave me some more options SpartaDosX and Peazip, izarc?? ..
  8. Drac030 I can not seem to open this file. Do you have it in zip format? is this an old winzip format or norton file? I've been trying get Basic XE 4.2 but need the proper extensions.. and you seem to be the only person that knows what your doing? There is a major bug in Basic XE 4.1 where Bget and Bput can not directly read and write to extended banks (as it states in the OSS manual) and I'm super curious to see if 4.2 fixes this problem and any other fixes/improvements. Thanks
  9. I came up with another 800XL example. This would require a two color printer because the bottom looks like it's one printed piece. It's more accurate to what the 800Xl looks like.
  10. Great Video I really enjoyed that !!! thx!
  11. Curious what is the 3D printer your using? Is the Atari 576NUC+ Cart made with ABS or PLA type plastic? Will the final product (for sale) use ABS or does it matter? Do you think the cart insert part should be made of the stronger ABS for durability?
  12. OR If you wanted to go more 800XL look.... I think I still like all black... Mr. Robot is that printed black or painted afterwards... it looks printed. Will we get a black option for sale you think?
  13. Yes and/or a small fan if the NUC needs extra cooling..
  14. The Black NUC+ w/ Cartridge looks fantastic! I had a dream last night lol... A guy at pho restaurant brought out a white NUC+ because I was talking about it.... but it didn't have a cartridge and I said "what else you got" and he brought out a huge ATARI box (Graphics like 2600 box from the era) with the BLACK NUC on it. In the box was this Black NUC w/cartridge slot and came with matching paddles, four different kinds of joysticks (some with white spinner knobs), trackball, keypad and 10 cartridges of top games, It had an integrated lcd 5" screen that flipped up from the back of the NUC and the box had a bigger 20" monitor to plug into as well. He was gonna sell it to me $600 and I was holding on to it for dear life to buy it... Then I woke up or dream ended. Fun dream I couldn't wait to setup and mess with it.
  15. Excellent! I think I saw a video where the mode was being switch and remember seeing compy at the top. Thanks!
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