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  1. Hey Tommy, I ordered the 8 pack, can't wait (order 1041)! Any news on the Archon remake? It is the game I most want!!! My friends, brother, and I played so many hours on that game back in the 80s. Thanks for any news!
  2. Nice Job Tommy, can't wait for the Amico in October so I can play with the kids! Any updates on Archon? My brother and I had so much fun with that game when we were young. The banshee was one of my favorite pieces.
  3. Excellent Astrosmash video Tommy. Looking forward to playing it with the wife and kids, especially the pyramid level!
  4. One of my favorite pieces of video game art, when it is my turn to put the kids to bed, I tell a pirate story that the kids act out and they can't get enough. They love the Secret of Monkey Island. I wonder if there would be a way to make a Monkey Island type game that would be multiplayer and have something like that on the Amico?
  5. Wow, why are people so invested in this? I am excited for Amico and check the forum every couple days to see if there are updates, but some folks seem so infatuated with this! An idea for a distraction, just signed up for Deezer, a music streaming service that was recommended by one of my brothers, perhaps check that out.
  6. Another game idea, since Intellivision is doing Evel Knievel, maybe a named Skateboard game would be in order. Everyone knows Tony Hawk games, but maybe do a lesser known 'famous' skateboarder. For example, bought this skateboard years ago for my son's room, and just pulled it out of the box to finally get it up on one of his walls. Christian Hosoi was well known years ago like Lance Mountain. If curious my son is 3 🙂
  7. It would be crazy to move the presentation after so much communication / hype over it.
  8. I received an Intellivision hat from the online store yesterday. Nice!
  9. I think here is the formula for success! Several parts D&D modules, 1 part Superman, 1 part Dragon Warrior. Let's make it so, Engage!
  10. In one of the last linked videos, someone brought up a desire for a D&D dice game on the Amico. I personally would love that, as each person could control their own character and roll the dice with their own controller. Now a D&D campaign or module takes more than a 15 minute session, however you could do little quests or some character leveling in short amounts of time and save the real questing for longer sessions. That sounds so fun to me, and if Intellivision were able to secure the D&D license for Cloudy Mountain, perhaps they could secure a license for an actual campaign/module/series. That could be an awesome couch coop experience!
  11. Tearing your ACL has a whole new meaning when related to Cornhole. Congrats on the announcement! Can't wait for more official news.
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