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  1. Thank you for sharing Durso, so happy to add it to my collection and this is the first time I am the primary owner of a Neo - Geo game☺️. Thank you, Durso😉. Kind regards WRCN
  2. Hey Durso Thanks for sharing man, appreciate it. We are behind the schedule for other games since I became ill, but better now so we are back. I hope you are well. Thanks for everything bro Kind regards WRCN
  3. Thanks bro I always try to look for one in the best condition, it cost me around £180+tax and shipping = £260. Expensive but not that bad, I don't have to forget that I am collecting for the Neo - Geo😊. Again, thank you for your help bro, and let's jump now to the World Heroes collection😛. Kind regards WRCN
  4. Thank you, Durso for recommending Real Bout bro, and as usual, the condition is great man, looks like it just came directly from the assembly line. Happy to add it to my collection and will take good care of it. Two Neo - Geo games in one week, that not too bad😉. Thanks, Durso bro WRCN
  5. Happy to hear it😌,I hope my the game comes a little bit faster so I can sleep in peace😋. Anytime Durso😁
  6. Thanks, bro, even I am shocked at the condition of the game, the seller said very good condition, but not that good, I am grateful that the game turned out so good 😊. I need to take very good care of it now, and you right, it is perfect😄. That's right bro, we are right on schedule, Fatal Fury Real Bout is on the way and next on the list is one of the World Heroes, I guess the price is the same on both or not much difference. It is fun collection of affordable Neo - Geo games😁 Once again, thank you for everything bro. I appreciate all your help👍 WRCN
  7. Hey lads I hope you all are doing well Thank you, Durso, for recommending me Fatal Fury 3. The game showed up today and looks fantastic, in very good conditions and almost brand new. Happy to have it in my collection. Thank you all and Durso😉. WRCN
  8. Yeah, my bro. Just waiting for my games to arrive and I will show them here. Thanks, man, I am still a newbie when it comes to collecting Neo - Geo, but I think we going in the right direction, I am paying a little extra for better condition, so I am excited about how they turn out when I receive them. As always thank you for the help Durso, it is appreciated and keep up the good work my good man. Thanks WRCN
  9. Thanks, Durso😊. I had a bare interest in gaming before Neo-Geo and PlayStation Vita came into my life. You know on PSP, you would casually play Tekken or GTA, but these two systems made a collector. Everything is going as we planned Durso, Fatal Fury 3 is on the way, I will give it a little time. The seller said he will ship Fatal Fury Real Bout tomorrow, so I will give it two to three weeks. Then we agreed on World Heroes 1, Jet and Real Bou 2. These are the games I will collect this year, as we planned😊. Thank you for your help Durso, you know it is appropriated a lot by me😄.
  10. Hey guys I hope you all are doing well Been a long time since I posted anything here, so it's about time. Just for you guys and Durso, I had to dig out the first Neo - Geo home console I ever bought. I can never forget when I bought the system, I had just graduated with my bachelor's degree in Business. At that time I didn't know about Neo - Geo, but I use to relax with pirated games on PSP. Games like Metal Slug and Blazing Star made me interested in what kind of system Neo - Geo was, and I started looking into the console. It was then when I found about SNK and the console, and I was tempted to collect for it. Luckily I found a collector was selling the system about 45 minutes from me for £250 but after graduation, I had about £100 in my pocket, I thought the system was expensive at the time, but I was too hyped for the system and had to borrow money from my parents to buy it and I drove faster than lighting to the seller. The collector was a mature guy and I guess he was surprised to see a young WRCN buying the system. He invited me in and was very friendly and told me everything about the console I didn't know from before. I told him I will take care of the console very well and not looking to sell it for profit or anything. He had games like Metal 3 and 4 and he even let me play them on the system, just for fun. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money for the games, he was selling Metal Slug games for £1000 - 1500 each, but I told him to not sell the affordable games he had, such as Fatal Fury 1, 2, Specia and many more. To this day I regret not buying the Metal Slugs games at such good prices. After purchasing the console from and not a single game, I saved up and bought the Fatal Fury games at £70 each and Gunlord for £450. I still have contact with him and I speak to him now and then. I will always take care of the system as it was my first Neo - Geo console and it is in very good condition, almost like brand new. I just wanted to tell you guys the story of how I bought this amazing system and I will always keep it with me. Thank you, everyone, and thank you Durso for guiding me about the games😉. WRCN
  11. Say Durso, man I need to get my hands on the NGCD controller and this one here man then I have them all. Is this one official or third party one fam? Thanks Durso WRCN
  12. Hey All I hope you all are doing well Thank you all for your contributions to celebrating this awesome 7th anniversary for the best thread on this site. I enjoyed all your contents and it warms my heart that everybody worked hard for this day. Thank you, Durso, you taught me so much, which I didn't know from before and thank you for helping me grow my collection, without you my collection wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you all and still happy anniversary WRCN
  13. Hey All Happy 7th anniversary to all and thank you, Durso for all your hard work. Keep doing the hard work as usual. I made something to celebrate the anniversary. I hope you enjoy. WRCN
  14. Thank you, Durso😊, I always try to get the best condition and pay a little extra, get too picky. What about you Durso? Many say 2002 is best, Many say 98 is the best. What about you, which one do you like? Thanks Durso WRCN
  15. Hey Durso I guess it will be hard to sell since it's sun-faded and you know how picky the collectors are. I wasn't originally a collector but even I am picky about conditions man. I guess I can try to sell at a reasonable price, so I buy other games, but I guess it will be a hard task. I have seen sun-faded around the internet and even they are quite expensive. If nobody buys the game, I will have it in my collection. Still good condition 😊👍. Thanks Durso WRCN
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