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  1. Small and annoying update. Got a PAL Atari 2600 today. Tested the new PSU on the faulty unit. Played maybe five minutes before it crashed. For five minutes I thought I had a working unit. Next step, change the ICs. At least I now have a working PAL unit.
  2. No, It looks like the unit tries reboot by itself. No difference with a fan. I could feel that the TIA chip got slightly warm. But not hot. Thanks
  3. @Al_Nafuur I tried to do what you suggested. I reached the PlusCart menu. I navigated to the menu down to the entry below firmware upgrade before the system rebooted and I ended up at the screen before menu(with the plus logo) before the system”crashed” with vertical lines with and beeping sound. Is it possible to use CPU, RIOT and TIA chip from a PAL Atari 2600 on a NTSC? In know that NTSC TIA is different, but if I just want to test the function.
  4. Unfortunately, changing the power regulator did not help. The new power regulator gives 5.07v.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. First time I used the plusCart I managed to setup Wi-Fi. Now the system crash before I reach the PlusCart menu. The ESP8266 LED is flashing for a few seconds, then it stops for few seconds and start again. It looks like system tries to reboot. For me this indicates problem with voltage!? I will start with replacing the power regelator. During load it shows 4.90v, lower now than before.
  6. The capacitors seems ok, how do I test? The cartridge connectors looks also clean, no debris.
  7. Thanks What should be my next step?
  8. I have confirmed that that the PSU gives 9v using a multimedier. Isn’t the voltade regulator suposed to bring down the voltage to around 5v. Mine is at 4.92v, to low?
  9. Can Using a A/V modded NTSC 2600 in PAL 220v causing this problem? Isn't it enough to use a 220v to 9v 1A PSU? As long the TV can handle the NTSC A/V signal? Sorry for my ignorance Thanks
  10. Sometimes I can se the AtariAge(Galagon) logo flashing after it crashed. Like it tries to reboot. Make sense?
  11. Different TV didn’t help. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply. It is not clean loss of power, the display is black but when I power off the unit it shifts to a different "black" None of the components are getting hot and no smoke. I bought the unit A/V modded, it worked when I got it. It gives a steady 4.92v all the time(through boot and when the display is black) The unit is an US NTSC version, I live in a PAL region. I'm using a 9V 1A PSU! is 1A to much?
  13. Hi, My AV modded Atari 2600 4 switcher(mainboard rev14), games(all) crashes after a few seconds. After the crash the screen stays black or there are lines. If I turn off and on directly after the crash I can't get the game running, screen stays black. If I wait an hour or so, the game start and crash after a few seconds, as in the attached video below. Tested the power regulator, it gives a steady 4.92v Any help is appriciated Thanks Ken
  14. There is always CollectorVision, Phoenix fpga console. CollectorVision will soon release an adapter for playing Atari 2600 cartridges. Hopefully will it be able to play homebrew games with arm chip, like Champ games Galagon.
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