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  1. Thank you so much. The 8bit and homesoft servers I couldnt connect from this listing here https://fujinet.pl/#3
  2. Just hooked up my Fujinet tonight after receiving in the mail from the great Brewing Academy. Absolutely great piece of hardware for our vintage A8's. It will definitely take a few weeks maybe months to totally familiarize myself with its' workings. I already accidently hit the reset button and deleted all the TNFS servers that came with it. Is there a list of all the active TNFS hosts for the A8's I can re-enter? This is the first time I actually booted something up on my 800XL after 30 years. I guess I was a bit too eager and sleepy tonight. LOL!
  3. Why really fascinating! So this is basically a modern redesign of the A8 computer, which works as a complete clone of the A8? Great idea if it is!
  4. Thank you for all the info. I just have an 800XL with UAV mod and a 1050 which I don't have an SIO cable or power supply. Got rid of my Atari stuff I had years ago just trying to get back into it. All I have is a joystick and MS PACMAN cartridge and a few other games on cartridge. Such a huge collection of aftermarket devices to get which is over whelming me. What I want is something that will allow me to save and load all the different types of Atari files. Sdrive Max is appealing but there seem to be many versions of it and I am confused even after reading all about it. Ultimate, Uno and Side 3 sound great too. It's a great dilemma to be in. Also the Ultimate 1MB is great too but only reason I can't buy is the dollar exchange and living in Canada the price is high.... Again I will stick to this website and do lots of research on my next step. I installed the UAV which is an amazing upgrade for cheap. Long live the A8!
  5. Is there a device that enables one to hook up a USB/IDE or SATA external hard drive to emulate an Atari 8-bit drive? I thought, please correct me if I am wrong there was a device that hooks up to the rear expansion port of the XL line of 8 bits.
  6. Absolutely beautiful product but will cost me around $285 Canadian with postage. Unfortunately I cannot justify the cost. Even the U1MB will be close to $300 Canadian to purchase. Quite upset about it actually....
  7. Thank you. I am just researching on upgrading my 800XL with the proper upgrades that will work well with each other. So far I have done the UAV and very happy with it. I was concerned as there are very many variants of this POKEY upgrade. 1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PokeyMAX-chip-Atari-Pokey-replacement-100-compatible-STEREO-Ultimate1MB/324141306305?hash=item4b7853d1c1:g:hCYAAOSwCg9enW-V 2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PokeyMAX-chip-Atari-Pokey-replacement-100-compatible-QUAD-AUTO/223983538016?hash=item3426758f60:g:hCYAAOSwCg9enW-V 3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PokeyMAX-chip-Atari-Pokey-replacement-100-compatible-STEREO-plus-Covox-4ch/324141306880?hash=item4b7853d400:g:hCYAAOSwCg9enW-V
  8. Thank you so much guys. Love the replies and I will be getting the U1MB with upgrade firmware for sure but don't know when. Thank you so much @flashjazzcat you are making me into an A8 junkie like I once was 30 years ago. How dare you! Quick question is this a good stereo upgrade https://www.ebay.com/itm/324141306305?&ul_noapp=true&autorefresh=true that will work with a future U1MB upgrade on my 800XL?
  9. I am interested in ordering the Ultimate 1Mb upgrade for my 800XL and was just curious what the difference is between the plain model and the one with the FJC firmware is? Also is there a cartridge based product that will do what the Ultimate 1Mb does? Whats the advantage of having the Ultimate 1Mb over a stock A8? I am just getting back into A8 after 25 years of getting rid of my A8 collection which I shouldn't of. Sorry for being a newbie or asking stupid questions. Sorry for earlier post. I posted in wrong section. Can someone admins delete it some reason I couldn't.... Thanks
  10. Cool thanks for reply...
  11. Is this available for sale yet? Is there a website and info on this product?
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