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  1. Hi! i've been interested in getting an Atari ST lately, and have seen ones on ebay that have Television ports in the back, but just have atari 520St Badges and not Atari STm badges. would these still work with cables like https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-ST-QUALITY-GOLD-RCA-PHONO-TV-AUDIO-VIDEO-CABLE-OFC-2M/390232521592?epid=2263100432&hash=item5adbabbb78:g:FOAAAOSw2s1UuoH4 ? on that note, would normal atari st's without a television port work with that cable? (such as Atari STF's, or just ST's without television ports) I live in the U.S. Also: If they have the television port but not the STm badge, does this mean the operating system is off of a floppy disk? Thank you!
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