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  1. Hi Todd--I agree that George and his brother Peter have done amazing work. I've combined Peter's javascript Model III emulator with the archive from ClassicCmp.org and PlanetEmu.net to create willus.com/trs80 where you can quickly search for and instantly view, run, download, and/or edit thousands of old TRS-80 programs.
  2. I might try to get my Model 4P running again. I turned it on for the first time in 10 years just last week and got the disk drives to spin and the video to come up for about 5 seconds before it suddenly quit. Also continuing to tweak https://willus.com/trs80. Just added better support for .CAS files.
  3. You can play it on the web now: https://willus.com/trs80/?-a+-1+-p+5212+-f+2+q=flight+sim Instructions: https://willus.com/trs80/?-a+1+-p+5212+-f+1+q=flight+sim
  4. A fixed version of Morloc v2.0, per gp2000's edits, is now available to be run in the javascript emulator at willus.com/trs80/?q=morloc.dmk.
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