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  1. The 06 package of the NetUSB drivers and HDDRIVER 11.
  2. My TT hard drive is backed up to a flash drive using my NetUSB. I make an image of the flash drive I can keep on my Dropbox account and a local NAS. My other computers are only connected to an UltraSatan and every so often I make an image of the CF card as an backup.
  3. On my TT I’m just using the USB mass storage driver (no network). In this condition the orange light stays on all the time. Hope this is helpful?
  4. If the cart is reporting 1.0 I would expect that’s the version you have. Your ST can take 1.4 easily and higher versions with the appropriate decoder hardware. TOS 1.6x is STE specific.
  5. My long term goal is to redo maps and add counters for the games that are missing them. In my free time of course.
  6. For the most part you need the components. The map and counters are your screen for these games. Some games like the Long Lance series are basically played on graft paper so you could get by using paper and pencil to play. Others, you would have to have a very good memory to play without the components. In Battle of the Atlantic you would have to keep track of almost 100 ships and dozens of sightings each turn. I’m sure back in the day publishers thought this would appeal to traditional gamers. I enjoy these map and counter games for what they are, something transitional that we will never see the likes again.
  7. Another update! Battle Tank: Barbarossa to Stalingrad Another plea: If anyone has any of these missing games please make a copy of the disk and get it posted or send it to me. If you have any of the missing components and can scan them even better.
  8. 1. No. They are the first thing in my Auto folder after Superboot on my Hard drive. 2. I know HDdriver works, that’s what I use. I would bet Peter’s drivers also work. As you can use either of the newer drivers with your ICD interface that would be the best way to go.
  9. I’ll add that SIDE3 combined with the Ultimate 1MB upgrade is a great solution. I prefer it over my Fujinet just slightly.
  10. Though it can happen with XL’s. My 800XL was completely unstable with the SIDE2/U1M combo until I did the replacement. Also agree with your comment about completely socketed units, my 800XL came this way and it’s so nice to work on.
  11. You sir need to relax. As @_The Doctor__ pointed out it was directed to @tschak909 and was meant as a complement due to the volume of high quality code cranked out. Please read before jumping on someone.
  12. I’m not even sure this is the same game I remember as I don’t remember anything but keyboard control. I need to breakout my C64 version and see how that plays. I have all the AH “board games” and a lot of the Simulation Canada games for other platforms. I’ve supplied scans of the components and maps plus disk images to Atarimania for ST versions. If you have any of the missing ones please let me know as I would like to get as many as possible on line. I guess I need to check out Oil Barons!
  13. You sir are a maniac! Give us nubs a chance. I’m assuming all the information one needs is on the Wiki?
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