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  1. I love my OSSC. Using VGA and one of the many ST2VGA switches I can run all three resolutions. I also use it for other retro computers.
  2. I happen to have that exact TT setup. Next time I am in Maine I’ll give it a try.
  3. Please under stand if it’s an original HD it will die and spew good all over the place. Something you will have to clean up. My motherboard was a mess. Here’s a good thread on STacy repair: Repairing a STacy
  4. I would have someone 3D print a plug. It would look good from the outside anyway.
  5. Agreed. I will not run a C64 machine without JiffyDOS. God awful slow without it plus the other features are well worth it.
  6. Same reason I haven’t ordered a second one for my STacy. Some day this situation will get back to normal.
  7. I prefer the wireless USB adapter that Lotharek sells, specifically for the all-in-one Atari’s. Once it plugged in you can forgot about it unless you are using joysticks.
  8. On the plus side when we all retire we can’t fund a good portion of our retirement with our hobby (or our significant others can when we pass)! I’ve had two Falcons in the past that I’ve sold. If only I had held on to them.
  9. My STE shows 2021 as 2028 using the RTC built into the UltraSatan. I’m running the Clock control panel and have it request that I update the time and date at boot. I just need to tab to the date, type “1” and hit return. This corrects the time for TOS. My TOS version is 1.06. Haven’t got around to installing the new chips. Edit: it’s more complex than above. If I run Sysinfo it shows the correct date. If I quit and run Sysinfo or check the control panel again the date is back to 2028. No idea what’s going on...
  10. For a cleaner installation use this 3D printed mount.
  11. If someone wanted to loan me one or the other I could do something. I could also work with a dead unit if someone didn’t want to work with two way shipping.
  12. Can be found here: 800xl bracket My design. There is also a 600xl design out there as well.
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