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  1. I would start by checking the power supply. Make sure the voltages are correct.
  2. Another thing to try is replace the 74LS08 with a 74F08 to fix stability issues with flash devices. My 800xl went from crazy unstable with a Side2 to completely stable with simple fix.
  3. Need help. I’ve been trying to get registered on the Atarimania forums for several months. I can’t seem to make any headway getting my account activated. I’ve tried the “Contact us” route several times and have gotten no where. I have some stuff I would like to upload that is not currently available. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Ouch on the Falcon... Looks like Best still has motherboards for the Mega STE. Why don’t you get one?
  5. Exactly the way they were meant to be played...
  6. God, can’t wait to get home and update mine. Visiting friends until tomorrow...
  7. I wouldn’t waste money on any HD today. Even the “new” ones are years old now. You could get one that last 20 years, you could get one that last 20 days. The Best drives are $75, you can get a UltraSatan for $25 more. It’s a much better solution because it allows you to transfer files without a floppy. You can also use NetUSB which cost about $60. You have to load drivers from a floppy. Not the best solution, but it works. I use one on my STE. You will need more than 1mb of memory if you use a NetUSB. I have a SCSI to SD in my TT and my Amiga 2000, it works great. They cost more than an UltraSatan however and you do have the 1GB limit as mentioned before.
  8. I agree 100%! I love my UltraSatan. I just put an internal in my STacy. It original poster seems to want SCSI, just giving him an option. I will not use 30 year old physical drives anymore because there are just to many problems.
  9. You could always try this: SCSI2SD I have on in my TT and it works great. I believe mine is about v4.0.
  10. Same here. I’ve talked myself into several projects lately that I really have enjoyed. My next project is to put an LCD screen in my SX-64 and I still have some work to do on my STacy.
  11. If you are patient every once in a while you can get a diamond in the rough. You have to wonder if some of these people have any idea what they have. I picked up a “working” 1040 STE with a bum floppy and 1 mb of memory for a good price as it was listed “as is”. It was filthy. There was, let’s call it gunk, under the keyboard I’m not sure I ever want to know what it was. Ran the case through the dishwasher. Soaked the keys in the sink with dish soap. Even scrubbed the shielding. The motherboard was in good shape. Opened the floppy drive and gave it a good cleaning, lubed the rails. Put everything back together and it all worked fine including the “bad” floppy. The seller included a mouse (cleaned up nice) and some random bits in the auction. One bit was two pieces of cardboard wrapped in packing tape. Turned out there were 4 1mb simm’s inside! Never mentioned in the auction. Installed and they worked fine. If the original owner had taken the time to clean this up they could have easily doubled there money. Go figure...
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