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  1. All I need is backgammon, Space Destroyers, and UFO. I don't know how many years of life I have left though. 😵
  2. I wish I had the patience for such projects. I'll have to settle on being a buyer/end user, though I still have aspirations.
  3. Well, it's about time some of them came out of the APF closet. C'mon people, reveal yourselves and grant permission! 🍻
  4. Harry Cox, if you're still out there, I know you programmed most of the APF MP1000 games, but do you own the rights as well, and if you don't, do you know who does? Of course I'm talking to myself, hoping you visit Atariage. BTW, are you related to Charlie?
  5. I've mentioned this before, but I thought I'd start a thread about it. There's been a lot of new products being created for old consoles, both obscure and well known by hobbyists/enthusiasts with tech/electronics backgrounds. Is there any interest, albeit small for those hobbyist/enthusiasts to create an APF MP1000 replica with its game Library built-in, as well as RCA Studio II, Fairchild Channel F etc.? I'm sure the creators/rights holders would grant permission, like the people behind the Vectrex have. What do you guys think?
  6. I'm a beginner, but I'd like to learn how to repair these old consoles someday. But first, I'll have to work on my patience. If remote assistance is possible, how much would you charge?
  7. I already swapped the controllers so that the right controller can play the games, but you need the left controller to play brickdown. Weird right?
  8. Good, that means that they're common/easy to find. 🤔 It's obvious that I'm a layman when it comes to electronics. I'll send some pics after I open her up, oh wait...
  9. It's one of those white plastic heads with pin holes that slip onto these metal pin thingies that come out of the board.
  10. I have to run some errands, but when I return, I'll send a pic of the plugin on the pcb and send it.
  11. Sadly I don't have a spare console, but the controller is hardwired but not hardwired into the console. It is plugged into the pcb and can be detached from within. I don't know what you call it. I can send you the dead controller and hope for the best. Thanks for replying, Mike
  12. If you build it, I may buy it, at least the controllers.
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