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  1. so all the graphic is rendered in CPU (software rendering)? ok why than GPU Tom even needed? Z Buffering and Gouraud shading is refers to 3D graphics. or i am wrong? What tasks GPU Tom perform?
  2. not for every game, there is bunch of games that uses GPU specific rendering? If yes than it probably should be easier. Like bsnes a Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator which has enhanced support for Mode7 (hardware scaling and rotation etc)
  3. Does Homebrew Doom as seen there Can be downloaded somewhere?
  4. If there is Z Bufering and Gouraud Shading (reminds me of Matros Impression video card, has same capabilities hehe ))) ) then there should be 3d 'environment' that theoretically can be rendered in higher resolution's than console native resolution
  5. in another case does it means some documentation on GPU lost? any links to read more? about Bert and Ernie for example? or all deep details about Jaguar exist? if something is missed it means for future it need to be reverse enginered , and sounds to be so so hard. Coz even with documentation no one archieved to utilize it. Not to mention emulation of Jaguar, emulators is ugly =(
  6. From what i looked on youtube a video called "All Jaguar Games" by Virtual Gaming Library i spot many 3d games , which has visually various approaches to 3d graphic. as Atari Karts it feels like there is 3d gpu or something like that activated for 3d games? i think Doom and Wolfenstein 3D is done entirely in software mode. and the games like Battlesphere, Checkered Flag , Club Drive, Cybermorph, Fight for Life, Hover Strike, Iron Soldier (2), i-war , kasumi ninja (selection hall), SkyHammer, Supercross 3D, Tempest 2000, Towers II, White Man cant jump, Zero 5 So as for dream or not XD, if there is 3D so it possible in future (whenever ) emulation gain upscaling of 3d space like Phoenix emulation Project done it for 3DO games, or bsnes of upscaline mode 7, and Playstation 1 ePSXe with Pete OpenGL plugin, or YabaSanshiro for Sega Saturn, or MGBA for GameBoy Advance. I think you catch my mind , and what i am thinking of?
  7. Freedoom Heretic DooM II So maybe these guys who tried to develop those games can be helpful and you can be helpful to them too) Really nice idea to have freedoom and heretic especially for Jaguar , i like that idea =)
  8. Well i have searched for DOOM Jaguar hacks , and discover this thread. Very cool. I think you already know there is doom II for Jaguar And Heretic and Freedoom also planned , but not released. Also there is calico doom a backport of atari jaguar doom to PC. I think everyone already know it =) decided to post it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaNSVpU4_Bk
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