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  1. OK, this topic is for me. I used to love making up stories for Atari games. I would type most of them on an Apple II after I thought of them, and they were saved there throughout the 1980s, until 1995, when I got a Windows 95 and transferred them there via a USB drive which I still have. As mentioned before, I wrote a script for an animated adaptation of Superman, and then would write numerous stories about Superman saving people whenever I played the game when I was out sick, which served as "episodes" to the show. I read a lot of Superman comics, so it was mostly true to the source material. I also did stories for Tunnel Runner and Cosmic Ark; I think Tunnel Runner had the player a peasant named Kayro (after Kayro-View!!!!) who angered the evil tyrant Cerebus and placed in his dungeon to be preyed on by his hellhounds. Here's some ones I remember... Fantastic Voyage: Female doctor Lisa Stein travels inside a patient named David Young in order to remove a serious blood clot. This was written when I was 13 or 14, and coming to terms with puberty, so that explains why the "host" is male and the "voyager" is female. Suicide Mission: A duo of scientists, Amy and Monica Zhao, travel inside the body of a patient named Brad Adams to remove an abscess near his heart. Again, female voyager, male patient. The voyagers are Chinese because I grew up near Chinatown and thus knew a lot of Chinese immigrants. Haunted House: A young girl named Luisa ventures into the haunted estate formerly owned by Zachary Graves. She has to avoid ghosts and bats... the last of which is hell for her, because she's a chiroptophobe! Of course, I had/have chiroptophobia as well, which is why Haunted House scared me to no end and why I couldn't even play Adventure without being tense and nervous. Snoopy vs. The Red Baron: Snoopy goes after the Red Baron after he conquers Poland. He eventually gets him to sign a peace treaty after threatening that Woodstock will peck his eyes out, and the allied command honors Snoopy for being the one stopping the war. Laser Gates: A sentient computer virus named Redzone invades the Cryptic Computer in order to blow it up. This was back when computer viruses were becoming a thing, and some of them had made the news. Now, I know one user on here really likes sentient computer viruses, so I'll describe what he looked like: he looked kind of like Sark from Tron, combined with Brainiac's appearance at the time (humanoid alien; he had pink skin, though, like Sinestro) and red eyes. He did not look much like the virus from Toonami, other than that he had red in his design. He did not have a Kiwi accent, either, it was more of David Warner as Sark. I based most of it on an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series. That's all I can remember. Sometime soon, I'll dig through my USB drive to see if I could upload them here.
  2. I used to love that game. And of course, I liked it for the same reason you do.
  3. I usually do it in 50 seconds, a minute at the least. I got good at it from years of playing Atari on sick days: Superman was always my go-to game, because I would make up stories about Superman saving people, once I grew tired of the "broken bridge" plot. I used to write them down on my Apple II. I uploaded them to a USB in the Windows 95 era and have had them ever since. The only other games I would do this with are Tunnel Runner and Cosmic Ark. Maybe Fantastic Voyage, too.
  4. Space Invaders. A friend had Star Ship, and I used to be terrified when objects would come up to the screen, so much to the point where I had to ask him not to play that game whenever I came over. I also used to like Galaxian and The Earth Dies Screaming. And Star Wars, of course.
  5. As a kid, I always wanted a full animated adaptation of this game, complete with voice acting (Danny Dark as Superman, of course!) and an orchestrated score. I even came up with a main theme for it, based on the three notes that play when you beat the game, and would play it on piano for my mom. And I wrote a script too, complete with the end teasing Brainiac (like the sequel hook in Flash Gordon.) Brainiac's voice in my mind was inspired by a sinister voice in a Tom & Jerry cartoon that said "Now I have you in my power," as I didn't like Brainiac's voice on the Super Friends/Adventures of Superman. I don't remember if I got around to writing the sequel, though. This had to be around 1980.
  6. Shucks that they don't have Mega Man anymore. I loved playing that game every time I would visit back when I still worked at the Hollywood Arcade. Sorry to hear about Galaga. And I can't stop laughing at the Zaxxon part... I could get way further than you on that one...
  7. That's literally where they got his name from: he ends up bungling up his actions thanks to Dynomutt and he's looked down upon by the citizens and the mayor.
  8. Forgot about him. Yeah, 99% of my bondage fetish pretty much came from him. I know I've seen Haven, but I don't remember a lot of it. That was back in the early 2010s when SyFy had a lot of crappy shows.
  9. I remember the Dino thing from my old job at Hollywood Arcade in Ocean City, NJ. I made it a point to greet it every time I walked in the place, because I am a die-hard Hanna-Barbera fan. (BTW, love that Blue Falcon avatar.) That Superman thing looks amazing. If that were anywhere near me, I'd flock to it in a heartbeat. Why is the theme low-pitched, though? It sets off my OCD.
  10. I have. I worked at the Hollywood Arcade in Ocean City, NJ from 2008 to 2015. Then afterwards, I started working at an arcade on Coney Island in Brooklyn. Hollywood Arcade was pretty nice. They had a Who Tommy pinball machine, and a nice offering of classics, even though there was a Class of 81 machine. Can't say the same for the Coney Island one. There's absolutely NO classics whatsoever save for Class of 81, and all it is is just newer shooting/racing/fighting crap, along with kiddie gambling- sorry, I mean redemption machines. No pinball either. I've been trying to quit my job and work at Yestercades in Red Bank, NJ or Go Play in Belmar, NJ. They have more classics than this Coney Island nonsense.
  11. I actually had this as a kid. What the hell?
  12. I forget the name, but it was in Brooklyn. It had all the classics and some oddities like Pac-Land. I do remember Aladdin's Castle. I also remember an arcade in the Nanuet Mall.
  13. F-14 Tomcat would later be the name of an amazing pinball game. I have it in the game room of my comic shop.
  14. I always thought it sounded Japanese, not Korean. Speaking of Koreans, have anyone listened to K-pop? Some of those artists are amazingly talented, like Blackpink.
  15. In 2002, I used to go to an arcade that had a PC game room. The arcade games there were DDR, Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat III, Daytona, Indy 500, Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, The Ocean Hunter, and more. There were a lot of games like Starcraft in the PC game room. I used to talk with my nerdy friends there about stuff like Toonami and anime, Adult Swim, comic books, and more.
  16. Ah, TI-99 speech synthesis! My favorite use of it was in the board game "The Omega Virus." The computer sounds monotonous... while the virus sounds smug as hell! That virus guy from Toonami sounded WAY better than Omegsy.
  17. I remember that episode... I thought it was so funny they played a children's game. I remember those games from when I was 12, but it was at a friend's house and it was their little sister playing it.
  18. There was also the Atari Force, published by none other than DC Comics!
  19. I definitely remember that, but I had it on my wall in my room BITD.
  20. Fantastic Voyage. It's hi def. 😆
  21. I live in Brooklyn, and that game was in one of the arcades in the city. It was one of the "rarer" games we had.
  22. LOL, I remember that part of the manual (or was it the box?) Video game manuals were so tongue-in-cheek back in the day.
  23. I was around during that time, and I agree with you 100% on what it was like. 2020 is stupid compared to 1980!
  24. Holy shoot, I actually remember that! Nobody has a copy with the audio.
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